Nicaraguan Woman Resurrected – María López Buried Twice After Startling Phone Call

Nicaraguan Woman Resurrected – María López Buried Twice After Startling Phone Call

In a bizarre sequence of events in Nicaragua, 24-year-old María López was declared dead on February 11 at New Dawn Hospital in Waspam and subsequently buried on February 12.

However, her family exhumed her body on February 15 after receiving a phone call suggesting she might still be alive.

The family’s doubts led to a controversial decision to retrieve López’s body from the cemetery.

Unusual Rituals and Doctor’s Confirmation:

Upon exhuming López’s body, her family bathed her with salt, vinegar, and lemons before placing her on a bed for a vigil.

Amid suspicions that López might be pregnant, a doctor from New Dawn Hospital visited the home to confirm her death.

Despite the doctor’s affirmation, the family remained skeptical and sought the opinion of a traditional doctor to further verify her death, pointing to alleged tears and sweat on her forehead.

Reluctant Acceptance and Second Burial:

The family, holding on to hope, conducted prayer services for five days, anticipating López’s miraculous return to life.

Eventually, as signs of decomposition became apparent, the family reluctantly accepted the reality and took López’s body to a fasting and prayer center for a ceremony.

López was laid to rest for the second time on Monday, marking the end of a highly unusual and emotionally charged ordeal for her family.

Similar Incidents and Global Repercussions:

This incident in Nicaragua echoes similar occurrences worldwide, where individuals were mistakenly declared dead, only to later demonstrate signs of life.

Notably, an Ecuadorian woman, Bella Montoya, startled her family by banging on her coffin during her wake in June 2023.

Likewise, José Ribeiro in Brazil was found alive at a funeral home after being declared dead, succumbing to hypothermia two days later.

These incidents highlight the challenges and complexities associated with accurately determining life and death.

The events surrounding María López’s double burial shed light on the intersection of cultural beliefs, traditional practices, and medical certification of death.

The family’s reliance on a traditional doctor and reluctance to accept medical confirmation underscores the delicate balance between cultural rituals and scientific assessments in the context of death.

Such cases prompt reflection on the need for clear protocols and communication to avoid misunderstandings and emotional distress for the affected families.

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