AKA’s Daughter, Kairo Forbes, Shares Emotional Video at Her Father’s Grave on His 36th Birthday

AKA’s Daughter, Kairo Forbes, Shares Emotional Video at Her Father’s Grave on His 36th Birthday

Heartfelt Visit on AKA’s Birthday:

Kairo Forbes, the daughter of the late rapper AKA, stirred emotions on social media as she shared a poignant video on Instagram in honor of what would have been her father’s 36th birthday.

AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, tragically lost his life on February 10, 2023.

Emotional Video Beside AKA’s Grave:

On January 28, marking AKA’s first birthday since his passing, eight-year-old Kairo Forbes posted a touching video of herself by her father’s grave.

Accompanied by her grandparents, Tony and Lynn Forbes, along with AKA’s girlfriend at the time of his death, rapper Nadia Nakai, Kairo captioned the clip with, “Happy birthday daddy ????????????.”

Tony Forbes Reminisces on AKA’s Childhood:

In a recent interview with The Citizen, Tony Forbes, AKA’s father, took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on AKA’s childhood.

He shared insights into AKA’s vibrant personality, describing how he owned every space he was in, enjoyed reading, cracked jokes, and displayed a competitive spirit.

Kiernan Forbes Foundation’s Art Exhibition:

Over the weekend, the Kiernan Forbes Foundation collaborated with local designers to organize a special art and merchandise pop-up exhibition.

The limited-time event, held at the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg from January 26 to 28, aimed to provide a unique opportunity for the public to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces paying tribute to the late rapper.

Social Media Reactions: A Display of Empathy:

Social media users were quick to respond to Kairo’s emotional video, expressing deep sympathy for the young girl.

Comments poured in, acknowledging the visible pain on Kairo’s face and sending messages of support and healing.

Many users shared their heartfelt condolences, emphasizing the emotional impact of witnessing Kairo’s grief.

Online Community’s Sympathy:

Numerous social media users conveyed their sympathy for Kairo, acknowledging the evident hurt and sadness she expressed in the video.

Comments included expressions of heartbreak, messages of support, and wishes for healing.

The online community shared in the emotional moment, recognizing the difficulty faced by Kairo in coping with the loss of her father.

A Community United in Empathy:

The reactions on social media highlighted the collective empathy of users, with many expressing a shared sense of sorrow for Kairo Forbes.

The comments reflected a virtual outpouring of support, emphasizing the universal understanding of the pain experienced by a child mourning the loss of a beloved parent.