Paige Spiranac shows off saucy golf outfit that would ‘get her banned from clubs’

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Paige Spiranac, an American golfer and social media personality, recently posted a TikTok video showing off her favourite outfits, including one she claimed would get her banned from country clubs.

Spiranac is known for her unconventional golf attire, which often pushes the boundaries of traditional golfing etiquette.

The golfer is unapologetic about her daring clothing choices and has even hit out at critics who have judged her for what she wears.

In fairness, that outfit barely makes Spiranac's top ten raunchiest outfits
In fairness, that outfit barely makes Spiranac’s top ten raunchiest outfits

In the video, Spiranac models a tight-fitting, turquoise mini-skirt with a zipped chest and white collar, a black and white cropped shirt with a desert-coloured mini-skirt, and a sleeveless cropped shirt over a white bra with a white mini-skirt, which she deemed “not Country Club approved.”

Spiranac’s unapologetic attitude towards her golf attire has attracted criticism, with some questioning whether her clothing choices are appropriate for the sport.

However, Spiranac has defended her choices by stating that she is tired of people telling her what she can and cannot wear and that her clothing choices do not define her as a person.

She argues that golfers can still respect the game while having fun and wearing non-traditional golf attire.


From a marketing standpoint, Spiranac’s provocative outfits have gained her a significant following on social media.

Her irreverent attitude towards traditional golfing etiquette has made her stand out from other golfers, and her willingness to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable has attracted attention from brands and fans alike.

However, it remains to be seen whether Spiranac’s provocative image will have any long-term impact on her golf career.

Some have criticized her for focusing too much on her image and not enough on her golfing skills, and it is unclear whether her clothing choices will affect her ability to secure sponsorship deals or compete professionally.

Overall, Spiranac’s provocative golf attire has generated a significant amount of controversy and attention.

While some may view her clothing choices as inappropriate for the sport, others appreciate her willingness to challenge traditional golfing etiquette and bring a fresh perspective to the game.

As a social media personality, Spiranac’s image and persona are essential to her brand, and her provocative attire has played a significant role in building her following and attracting attention from sponsors and fans.

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