P-Square Brothers Speak on Disbandment and Reconciliation

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. In 2017, the Nigerian music industry was shaken when the iconic P-Square group disbanded.

The group, consisting of brothers Paul and Peter Okoye, went their separate ways and began to do music solo.

There were various speculations about the cause of their rift, but the duo never addressed the issue or gave a reason for the breakup.

In November 2021, the brothers reconciled and announced that they were resurrecting their group.

In a recent interview with Larry Madowo on CNN’s program ‘African Voices,’ the Afrobeats stars were asked why they separated and later reconciled.

According to Peter Okoye, their human nature got the better of them despite their strong bond, leading to the disbandment.

On the other hand, Paul noted that their breakup saga is not different from the usual separation that occurs in music groups.


He highlighted the fact that it was a decision they made together and that no one forced it upon them.

The duo went on to explain that their reconciliation was a natural occurrence, implying that it was God that made it happen.

Analysis and Commentaries

The disbandment of P-Square was a significant event in the Nigerian music industry, and it left fans devastated.

However, the reconciliation of the duo has brought hope to their fans and music lovers worldwide.

The reasons given by the brothers for their separation and reconciliation are commendable, as they show a level of maturity and introspection.

It is essential to note that disputes among music groups are not uncommon, and the disbandment of P-Square is not an isolated case.

As with any group, tensions and disagreements can arise, leading to a breakup.


However, what sets the P-Square reunion apart is the fact that it was not forced but came about naturally.

The role of God in the reconciliation of the P-Square group is also significant, as it shows the importance of faith in difficult situations.

The fact that the duo acknowledged the role of a higher power in their reunion is inspiring and serves as a reminder that there is always hope for reconciliation, no matter how dire a situation may seem.

Overall, the reunion of P-Square is a significant development in the Nigerian music industry, and it has brought joy to their fans worldwide.

The reasons for their separation and reconciliation highlight the importance of communication, maturity, and faith in resolving disputes.

It is hoped that their reunion will inspire other music groups facing similar challenges to reconcile and work together towards a common goal.


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