Overcoming a Sugary Habit and Shedding 15 Stone: Lucy Austen’s Journey

Overcoming a Sugary Habit and Shedding 15 Stone: Lucy Austen’s Journey

Lucy Austen, a 37-year-old mother, embarked on a remarkable transformation after battling a sugary addiction that led to significant weight gain.


Her journey from consuming nine cans of tinned fruit daily to shedding an astonishing 15 stone (210 pounds) is a testament to her determination and resilience.

Unintended Weight Gain during Lockdown

Prior to the lockdown, Lucy had maintained a healthy weight.

However, the challenges posed by the lockdown prompted her to turn to comfort eating, causing her weight to spiral out of control.

Gradually, she found herself consuming excessive amounts of sugary treats, leading to her reaching a staggering weight of 29 stone 7 pounds and wearing a size XXL.


From Ice Cream to Tinned Fruit: Escalating the Habit

Initially indulging in four tubs of ice cream each day, Lucy’s cravings eventually shifted towards canned fruits, particularly 99p tins.

Astonishingly, she was consuming as many as nine tins a day.

This compulsive behavior took a toll on her health, eventually leading to a diagnosis of diabetes in March 2021.

Despite experiencing symptoms such as frequent vomiting, Lucy continued her consumption until April 2022, when she was informed that insulin was necessary due to dangerously high blood sugar levels.

Recognizing the Need for Change

The turning point came when Lucy’s weight gain and addiction began affecting her physical health and well-being.


She vividly recalls instances of choking during sleep due to the bulk of her neck and realizing the potential harm she was inflicting on her liver.

Lucy’s hospitalization for Covid in February 2021 and her subsequent diagnosis of type two diabetes further underscored the urgency for change.

The Path to Transformation

Lucy’s determination to reclaim her health prompted her to embark on a journey of gradual change.

Initially, she began reducing her snack intake while committing to regular swimming sessions, despite initial difficulties.

These early efforts laid the foundation for more intense physical activities, such as cycling and running, which became integral to her weight loss routine.


Her commitment extended to adopting a healthier diet, opting for homecooked stir-fries and curries instead of sugary snacks.

Embracing a New Lifestyle

As her journey progressed, Lucy found herself shedding weight, gaining energy, and experiencing a renewed sense of confidence.

Having lost an impressive 15 stone, she now weighs 14 stone 4 pounds and proudly wears a size 14.

Her transformation has not only restored her physical health but has also empowered her to share meaningful experiences with her 13-year-old daughter.

Lucy has learned to strike a balance between indulging in occasional high-calorie treats and maintaining a controlled intake.


Conclusion: A Brighter Future

Lucy’s inspiring journey from an overwhelming sugary addiction to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle is a testament to her unwavering determination and the transformative power of commitment.

With newfound energy, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment, Lucy’s story serves as an inspiration to those striving for positive change in their lives.

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