OurCrowd AI Fund to Collaborate with NVIDIA Inception Program

OurCrowd AI Fund has recently unveiled its strategic collaboration with NVIDIA to offer a streamlined entry into the prestigious NVIDIA Inception program for select artificial intelligence (AI) startups.

This initiative aims to propel emerging AI ventures by providing them with enhanced access to cutting-edge technology, connections with venture capitalists, and a wealth of technical resources and tools from NVIDIA.

Empowering AI Startups for Global Impact

The OurCrowd AI Fund plays a pivotal role in empowering investors with access to the burgeoning landscape of global venture capital opportunities within mission-centric AI companies and the generative AI space.

By focusing on companies that leverage AI to address real-world challenges across diverse verticals, the fund positions itself at the forefront of the next wave of innovation.

This commitment to the advancement of AI technologies aligns with the broader goal of solving complex problems through the deployment of AI solutions.

Strategic Investment Approach

The fund is set to make a significant impact by strategically investing in 20-25 ventures across various stages of development and geographical locations.

This diversified approach is curated by a team of dedicated investment professionals, complemented by the expertise of individuals from OurCrowd’s extensive global network of third-party venture capital funds.

Additionally, the fund will actively explore follow-on opportunities in the most promising portfolio investments, emphasizing its commitment to fostering long-term success for the startups it supports.

Approved Companies and Partnerships

Several promising AI startups have already gained approval to be part of OurCrowd’s AI Fund. Among them are companies such as D-ID, One Zero Digital Bank, and Polaris Quantum Biotech.

These entities showcase the diverse range of applications for AI, spanning from identity protection (D-ID) to digital banking solutions (One Zero Digital Bank) and quantum biotechnology (Polaris Quantum Biotech).

The inclusion of these innovative startups underscores the fund’s dedication to supporting ventures with transformative potential across different sectors.

NVIDIA Inception Program: Accelerating Startup Growth

The collaboration with NVIDIA provides selected startups with a fast track into the NVIDIA Inception program.

This program serves as a catalyst for startup growth by offering resources and opportunities across all stages of a startup’s life cycle.

From state-of-the-art technology to connections with key players in the venture capital landscape, the NVIDIA Inception program accelerates the evolution of startups, positioning them for success in the competitive AI ecosystem.

Leadership and Vision

The OurCrowd AI Fund is spearheaded by Jon Medved, the CEO, and Founder of OurCrowd. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, OurCrowd operates as a global online venture investing platform.

The platform empowers both institutions and individual accredited investors, enabling them to engage with and invest in emerging technology companies during their early stages of development.

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