Grieving Parents Turn Late Daughter’s Ashes into Unique Parting Stones to Cherish Memories

Grieving Parents Turn Late Daughter’s Ashes into Unique Parting Stones to Cherish Memories

Innovative Memorial: Couple Crafts Parting Stones from Daughter’s Ashes

Kaylee and Jake Massey, a young couple from Idaho, have found a unique way to remember their daughter, Poppy, who succumbed to the rare genetic disorder Tubulin Folding Cofactor (TBCD) in April last year.

The grieving parents opted for an unconventional approach by transforming Poppy’s ashes into parting stones, creating a tangible and touchable memorial.

Unexpected Diagnosis and Tragic Loss

Poppy’s journey with TBCD began when, at four months old, her parents noticed difficulties with her vision. After a series of tests, it was revealed that she had a severe genetic neurological condition, becoming one of the few diagnosed cases in the world.

Despite the parents’ initial optimism about a few more years with Poppy, she tragically passed away in the ICU six months later due to complications from a respiratory infection.

Choosing a Unique Memorial: Parting Stones

Faced with the difficult decision of how to memorialize their daughter, Kaylee and Jake explored options at a funeral home.

Instead of a traditional urn, they chose to cremate Poppy’s remains and further selected a company named Parting Stones to craft her ashes into rocks.

The decision was driven by the desire to have a tangible, touchable memorial that would not evoke fear in their other children, Rosie and Peter.

Exceeding Expectations: Beautiful and Personal Stones

When the family received the box containing Poppy’s parting stones, they were touched by the level of care and personalization.

Each stone, with yellow specks, varied in size, exceeding the family’s expectations.

The stones felt personal, providing a unique and beautiful way for the grieving parents to keep Poppy close.

Sharing Their Grief Journey on TikTok

Kaylee has taken to TikTok to share insights into the family’s grieving process and special memories of Poppy.

In a video, the couple explained their decision to choose parting stones, emphasizing that, given the difficult options presented by funeral homes, this felt like the “least bad” option.

The stones, described as beautiful worry stones, offer a tangible way for the family to hold onto Poppy’s memory.

Community Support and Emotional Responses

Viewers on TikTok expressed their thoughts on the couple’s decision, with many commending the innovative and emotional approach to memorializing Poppy.

The parting stones symbolize a beautiful way for the family to hold earthly space for their departed daughter, providing comfort and a unique connection to her memory.

The stones, each containing an angel, serve as a touching remembrance of a life lost too soon.

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