Oscar Winner Javier Bardem Adds All Blacks to His Fan Roster

Javier Bardem: A Passionate Rugby Fan Amongst All Blacks Supporters

Bardem’s Rugby Journey

Javier Bardem, the Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in “No Country for Old Men” and as a memorable James Bond villain in “Skyfall,” has now joined the illustrious ranks of high-profile All Blacks rugby fans.

Alongside the likes of Jason Momoa, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and the late Robin Williams, Bardem’s admiration for the sport is no secret.

A Genuine Rugby Enthusiast

On the official All Blacks website, Bardem revealed his deep connection to rugby, stating that he played the sport in Spain, starting at the tender age of nine and continuing until he was 23.

He passionately described his love for the game, emphasizing how important it is to him.

In the past, playing rugby in Spain might have seemed as incongruous as being a bullfighter in Japan, but Bardem is grateful that the sport has gained substantial support in his home country.

Rugby’s Ethical Appeal

What sets rugby apart for Bardem is the sport’s ethical foundation.

He considers it his favorite sport due to the strong sense of ethics it upholds.

The values of teamwork, respect for fellow players, and the referees resonate deeply with him.

Bardem admires the unwavering ethical standards that rugby represents.

Respect Beyond the Game

One aspect of rugby that particularly strikes Bardem is the enduring respect that players exhibit toward one another long after their playing careers have concluded.

It’s not only the camaraderie on the field that he finds compelling but also the respect that transcends the boundaries of time.

The Nervous Fan

As a neutral fan, Bardem expressed his excitement about the All Blacks and Argentina semi-final.

He was eager to enjoy the occasion, but his impartiality was tested during Ireland’s 37-phase effort at the end of the game.

He admitted to feeling nervous and silently willing the Irish team not to make any mistakes.

A Different Kind of Pressure

Bardem, drawing a comparison to his acting career, acknowledged the pressure to perform.

However, he humorously noted the stark contrast between his profession and that of rugby players.

While he faces the pressure of performing in front of a camera, rugby players confront the physical challenge of tackling opponents who may weigh as much as 140kg.

Pressure and Passion

Bardem concluded by reflecting on the pressure that passionate individuals experience in both acting and rugby.

He stressed the importance of not letting the euphoria of the moment overwhelm players during significant games.

For him, performing in a movie is a far safer endeavor compared to the intensity of a minute on the rugby field.

An Avid Rugby Admirer

Javier Bardem’s genuine passion for rugby and his admiration for the All Blacks are evident, adding his name to the growing list of prominent figures who find themselves captivated by the sport.

His unique perspective as both a performer and a fan highlights the universal appeal of rugby and the bonds it forges among its enthusiasts.

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