Orkney Magistrates’ Court Delays Judgment on Former ANC MP’s Murder Case

Orkney Magistrates’ Court Delays Judgment on Former ANC MP’s Murder Case

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

Bid to Have Murder Case Withdrawn

The Orkney Magistrates’ Court has postponed its decision on the application made by Sibusiso Kula, a former member of parliament for the ANC, to have his murder case withdrawn.


The court has rescheduled the judgment for 22 May 2023.

Kula’s legal representatives argued that his rights were not adequately explained to him, which could potentially be used against him in a future trial.

They also raised concerns about the charges leveled against their client.

The state prosecutor, Advocate Phuti Sekoadi, opposed the application, stating that the case was still under investigation and that the charges were properly drafted based on the evidence available.

He further clarified that once the investigations are completed, the state will determine whether any amendments to the charges are necessary.

Advocate Sekoadi urged the court to dismiss the application, asserting that it had no impact on the charges against the accused.


Sibusiso Kula Granted Bail in Court

Sibusiso Kula, a former ANC member of parliament, was granted bail in court.

He had previously been denied bail by the Orkney Magistrates’ Court, but he successfully appealed the decision in the High Court of South Africa North West Division.

Kula is currently out on bail amounting to R50,000.

As part of the bail conditions, Kula had to surrender his passports and report to the nearest police station twice a day.

He was also required to provide his work itinerary to the investigating officer and seek permission if he needed to travel outside his residential jurisdiction.

Furthermore, he was ordered to have no direct or indirect contact with his children.

Transfer Application to Higher Court Under Review

An application has been submitted to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in North West, Dr. Rachel Makhari, requesting the transfer of the case to a higher court due to its serious nature.

The application is currently being processed, and if approved, the case will be transferred accordingly.


Analysis and Commentaries:

The decision by the Orkney Magistrates’ Court to delay the judgment on Sibusiso Kula’s bid to have his murder case withdrawn suggests that there are complexities and legal considerations surrounding the matter.

Kula’s representatives have raised important concerns regarding the explanation of his rights and the validity of the charges against him, which may warrant further investigation and clarification.

The opposition from the state prosecutor indicates that the investigation is ongoing, and the current charges are deemed appropriate based on the evidence gathered thus far.

This implies that the state believes there is a strong case against Kula.

The prosecutor’s call for the dismissal of the application demonstrates confidence in the charges and their alignment with the evidence.

Kula’s successful appeal for bail in the High Court highlights the dynamic nature of the legal process.

The granting of bail indicates that the court deemed Kula eligible for release under certain conditions, despite the serious nature of the charges against him.

The bail conditions, particularly the surrender of passports and reporting requirements, aim to ensure that Kula does not pose a flight risk and remains accessible to the investigating authorities.


The submission of an application to transfer the case to a higher court reflects the acknowledgment of its significance and the potential for more severe consequences.

This indicates that the parties involved recognize the gravity of the charges and believe that a higher court may be better equipped to handle the matter.

The processing of the application indicates a commitment to due process and fairness in the legal proceedings.

The delay in the judgment, the granting of bail, and the consideration of transferring the case all contribute to the complexity and gravity of the situation surrounding Sibusiso Kula’s murder case.


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