ORI Capital Secures $260M for Its Second Life Sciences Fund, Embracing Innovation in Biotech Ventures

ORI Capital Secures $260M for Its Second Life Sciences Fund, Embracing Innovation in Biotech Ventures

In a resounding move within the realm of life sciences investment, ORI Capital has successfully raised $260 million for its second life sciences fund.

The funding round witnessed participation from a diverse group of backers, spanning institutional, strategic, and high net worth investors on a global scale.

Led by seasoned investor Simone Song, ORI Capital, established in 2015, aims to channel these funds towards pioneering innovations in the life sciences sector.

The fund is poised to explore transformative themes and structural shifts that are anticipated to propel substantial growth in the ensuing decades.

Visionary Investment Themes: ORI Capital, under the leadership of Simone Song, has meticulously identified several themes integral to future innovation and growth.

These encompass next-generation small molecules, including RNA targeting small molecules, protein degradation, and stabilization.

Furthermore, the fund recognizes the potential of programmable nucleic acid therapies such as DNA and RNA therapies, immuno-oncology cell therapy, and synthetic biology.

These forward-looking themes form the bedrock of ORI Healthcare Fund II’s investment strategy, directing focus towards early-stage biotech companies globally.

Strategic Investment Areas:

ORI Healthcare Fund II’s investment mandate extends across a spectrum of crucial areas within the life sciences landscape.

The fund is set to actively invest in innovative ventures focusing on diagnostics, drug delivery, and therapeutics, particularly addressing areas marked by significant unmet medical needs.

These include critical medical domains such as cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases, where the impact of innovative solutions can be particularly profound.

Quantamental Strategy and Cutting-Edge Technology:

Distinguishing itself in the venture investment landscape, ORI Capital employs a quantamental strategy in biotech investments, seamlessly blending data analysis with fundamental research.

At the core of this approach is their proprietary research system, ORIZON, leveraging big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

ORIZON stands as a comprehensive platform providing daily updates on over 31,000 healthcare companies globally, tracking 62,000 key opinion leaders, and monitoring the investment activities of over 5,000 fund managers.

This tech-driven strategy positions ORI Capital at the forefront of informed and strategic investment decisions.

Notable Exits and Success Stories:

ORI Capital’s track record is marked by several notable exits and success stories, underscoring the fund’s acumen in identifying and nurturing promising ventures.

These success stories include CG Oncology’s recent IPO on the NASDAQ, raising an impressive double upsized offering of $380 million.

Additionally, the acquisition of Kymab by Sanofi in January 2021 for $1.1 billion upfront, and the acquisition of Semma Therapeutics by Vertex in 2019 for $950 million in cash, further solidify ORI Capital’s standing in the biotech investment landscape.

Moreover, both Orchard Therapeutics and TriSalus Life Sciences, listed on the NASDAQ, stand as testament to the fund’s strategic prowess.


As ORI Capital successfully secures $260 million for its second life sciences fund, the stage is set for an exciting chapter in biotech venture investments.

With a visionary approach led by Simone Song, the fund’s focus on innovative themes, strategic investment areas, and the integration of cutting-edge technology positions it as a key player in shaping the future of life sciences.

The successful track record of notable exits further adds to the fund’s credibility, making ORI Capital a noteworthy contributor to advancements in the biotech landscape.

The infusion of capital into the fund signifies a collective belief in the transformative power of biotechnology to address unmet medical needs and shape the future of healthcare.

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