Organized Crime Syndicate Behind Cape Town Taxi Violence, MMC Believes

The City of Cape Town’s MMC for Safety and Security, JP Smith, has taken a firm stance on the ongoing taxi violence in the city. Refusing to label it as a mere ‘strike,’ he considers it a direct threat against the freedom of all South Africans.


MMC JP Smith Calls a Spade a Spade as Strike Continues:

According to MMC JP Smith, the current taxi violence can no longer be classified as a legitimate strike.

He argues that when enforcement agencies are met with violence and intimidation, preventing them from upholding the law, it becomes a threat against the entire nation’s freedom.

In South Africa, the Constitution upholds equality before the law for all citizens, making it crucial to address the escalating situation.

The So-Called Stay-Away Disaster:

The SANTACO’s decision to call for an immediate stay-away in the Western Cape has resulted in violence and loss of lives.


MMC Smith expresses his growing belief that the issues at hand go beyond dealing with a transportation industry; rather, it seems to involve an organized crime syndicate.

The situation has raised concerns about the safety of both residents and commuters.

City of Cape Town Vows to End the Clashes:

Despite the violence and chaos, MMC Smith is determined to bring an end to the strike.

The focus lies on ensuring the safety of commuters, but not at the expense of compromising the application of law enforcement.

Smith emphasizes that equal treatment under the law must be upheld for all road users.


Making concessions in the face of violence is not an option, as it would lead to a more problematic South Africa in the long run.

Disregard for Safety and Lives:

MMC Smith laments the fact that the taxi organizations’ actions have not only tarnished the country’s reputation but also shown disregard for the safety and well-being of city residents and public commuters.

This intentional disregard for the law and the lives of others is deeply troubling and raises questions about the motivations behind the violence.


In conclusion, the ongoing taxi violence in Cape Town has escalated beyond being categorized as a mere strike.

MMC JP Smith’s strong condemnation of the situation highlights the need to preserve law enforcement and equal treatment for all citizens.


The city remains committed to ending the clashes, but not at the cost of compromising safety or giving in to violence.

As the situation continues to unfold, enforcement agencies have taken action with numerous arrests made during this tumultuous period.

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