OneRare to Introduce Urban Platter as the First Brand of Ingredients in its Foodverse

OneRare to Introduce Urban Platter as the First Brand of Ingredients in its Foodverse

OneRare, a Foodverse offering world’s first tokenisation layer for food in Web3 and creating an immersive and gamified experience, has recently joined hands with Urban Platter, a leading name becoming the go-to ingredients provider across the country.

OneRare is a first-of-its-kind NFT economy game that runs on cooperation and trade between play-to-earn gamers and NFT collectors and with this recent association with Urban Platter, it has onboarded its first brand of ingredients in its Foodverse.

Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRareUrban Platter has been serving as a one stop shop for all culinary needs and is now envisioning to make its ingredients as exclusive NFTs in the OneRare gameplay.

This will further be followed by a process that enables the players to collect these NFTs, follow recipes, and cook up exciting dishes.

Urban Platter also plans to eventually set up its first Foodverse virtual experience, where Foodverse visitors can explore the brand ethos, explore new launches, and order products.

Commenting on the association, Chirag Kenia, Founder, Urban Platter, said, “The Foodverse is such an exciting space, and just how we are a one-stop shop in the physical world, being one in the Foodverse is just as meaningful to the future of this company.

Were thrilled to partner with OneRare and look forward to delighting the users in Metaverse.

“OneRare has established its rapport in the global industry and is making significant strides by the passing day.

There is no second thought to OneRare revolutionising the trading and blockchain work into a game-inspired layout, but consistent upgradation of the platform such as including an ingredient provider along with incorporating every dish in their library which ranges from the Costa Rican Cassado to the Korean Bulgogi, has been the factors leading the brand to multi-dimensional success.

Allowing any and every one to participate and own a stake in OneRare Metaverse by contributing time or money, the company is focused on bringing NFTs to life while simultaneously offering perks and rewards to the players.

Expressing her enthusiasm on the recent collaboration, Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare, said, “We are thrilled to grow our Foodverse with a dynamic brand like Urban Platter.

Quality Ingredients are the key to amazing dishes, and brands like Urban Platter have made it their mission to be the best in their space.

We are happy to bring Urban Platter to the blockchain, and create their first NFTs in our gameplay.

“This association with Urban Platter and the effort to mint Urban Platter NFTs onto the blockchain in order to be used in the game is expected to fuel the fire set by OneRare’s unparalleled gaming experiences.

Boosting product discovery across a new format, this collaboration is further expected to contribute to collective growth along with heightened profitability for both the brands.