Oliver Anthony Claims Government Will Not “Save Us”

Oliver Anthony, a popular musician from the hit Rich Men North of Virginia, claims that the government will not “save us.”

Overnight success Oliver Anthony expressed his hope that his song will help people in America understand that “the federal government is not going to save us.”

He informed The Free Press that his goal was to show the general public that turning to someone hundreds of miles away for help is not the best course of action.

He told The Free Press on Thursday that “each other, local relationships, are going to save us.”

Oliver Anthony, an overnight success in music, has disclosed the source of inspiration for his number-one hit song, “Rich Men North of Virginia.

“In an interview with The Free Press on Thursday, the blue-collar singing sensation expressed his hope that his song will help Americans realise that “the federal government is not going to save us.”

Anthony is the first artist to ever reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with no prior charting history thanks to the popular country song, which was published on YouTube less than two weeks ago.

The country singer stressed to The Free Press that he wanted to show people through his song that depending on the government won’t make their life better.

The ordinary populace should cease depending on people who live 150 or 500 kilometres away to solve their problems, he continued.

No one in the federal government is coming to save us, he continued, “just like nobody is in Washington, DC.”

The people who are going to save us are each other, local relationships, Anthony underlined the need of establishing in local communities.

He also drew attention to the alarming trend of growing disconnection, even within families.Even families are shattered.

I’ve observed this in my former home on occasion, where a large family would gather and instead of interacting and showing interest in one another, everyone would just sit there staring at their respective devices, totally focused on those rather than on one another.

He believes that the root of the problem in American communities is this alienation.

“That’s the actual issue.

Even inside our own community, we are incredibly cut off from one another.

The Virginia manufacturing worker who outperformed the Beatles and Elvis after his song criticising politicians received 17.5 million streams and 147,000 downloads in the previous week.

Conservative observers, already enthused by the smash success of Jason Aldean’s Try That in a Small Town, have lauded Anthony as a hero for capturing the attention of millions of disgruntled fans with the song.

Aside from well-known performers like Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, and fellow country artist Morgan Wallen, the song, which was published in early August, is at the top of the charts.

‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ has become incredibly well-known for its ‘bone-chilling’ depiction of life for the ‘ordinary man’ in the United States.

Lord, it’s a darn tragedy what the world has become for people like me and people like you.

I wish I could simply wake up and it wouldn’t be real, are some of the song’s lyrics.

The song’s music video, in which Anthony plays the guitar and croons to the camera, has received more than 18 million views in just one week.

No matter how much effort people put into whatever it is they are doing, Anthony added, “the universal thing I see is that the dollar’s not worth enough, they are being over-taxed, and they can’t quite get ahead.”

I want to speak up on their behalf. In regards to “Rich Men North of Richmond,” the singer-songwriter said, “and not just them, but humans in general.

“You have a fighting chance as long as you are above the earth, he continued.

In just five days, the song received approximately 6 million listens on Spotify.

Additionally, it is now considered a candidate to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by the end of August.

Many conservatives have embraced the song as their “working class anthem,” but some progressives are leery of it because of the lyrics.

The song makes references to child trafficking and the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s illegal activities involving children.

In the little longer than three minute song, Anthony sings, “I wish politicians looked out for miners and not just minors on an island.”

The singer also talks about out-of-touch politicians, excessive taxes, and people who’milk welfare’ in order to take advantage of the system.

He sings, “Lord, we got people on the street, ain’t got nothing to eat, and the fat people milking welfare.”

Well God, taxes shouldn’t cover your packs of fudge rounds if you’re 5 feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds.

Major voices like Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and well-known podcast host Joe Rogan have boosted its message.

During the first question of the Republican debate on Wednesday in Milwaukee, the song was also cited.

Anthony debuted a brand-new song earlier this week called “I Want To Go Home.”

The hit song incorporates a bible scripture at the conclusion and has similar messages.

Anthony sings, “Every day living in this new world is one too many days to me.”

We’re about to enter the next World War, son, and I don’t believe anyone is praying any more.

And while I’m on my knees pleading with the Lord to take me home, I’m not claiming to know it for sure.

I wish to return home.”

Seven generations have farmed this land,” he continues, “and my grandson sold it to a man from out of town.”

The trees fall two weeks later, and all that is left is concrete.

The musician ends the music video for his most recent song with the biblical phrase Mark 8:36.

What good is it for a man to obtain the whole world if he loses his own soul, the verse asks?

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