Africa’s Valuable Fintech Flutterwave Appoints Architect Olajumoke Adenowo to Global Board for International Expansion Drive

Flutterwave, Africa’s leading fintech startup, has taken a significant step in its global expansion strategy by appointing renowned Nigerian architect Olajumoke Adenowo to its board of directors.

This move marks a key initiative for Flutterwave to strengthen its pan-African and global positioning.

Olajumoke Adenowo’s Role as First Independent Non-Executive Board Member

Olajumoke Adenowo, recognized as “Africa’s Starchitect” with over 35 years of successful architecture career, is appointed as Flutterwave’s first independent non-executive board member.

In this role, she is expected to provide valuable insights and strategic vision to support the company’s ongoing efforts in pioneering innovative solutions and driving impactful change across Africa and beyond.

Flutterwave’s CEO on the Significance of the Appointment

Olugbenga GB Agboola, CEO and Founder of Flutterwave, emphasized the importance of Adenowo’s appointment, stating, “Olajumoke’s insights and strategic vision will be invaluable assets as we continue to pioneer innovative solutions and drive impactful change across Africa and beyond.”

Adenowo’s Mission to Bridge Africa with Global Markets

Olajumoke Adenowo aims to leverage her “personal paradigm” and “global exposure” to contribute to Flutterwave’s mission of bridging Africa with the world’s markets.

As the leader of a diverse portfolio of local and international projects at AD Consulting, Adenowo brings a wealth of experience to the fintech giant.

Flutterwave’s Ongoing International Expansion Plans

Flutterwave, often speculated to be considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ, has been actively pursuing international expansion.

The company recently expanded into India, signing an agreement to offer its remittance product in Asia’s second-largest economy.

Having rapidly expanded since its founding in 2016, Flutterwave now operates in approximately 30 African countries.

Corporate Developments: New Executives and Legal Victory

In December 2023, Flutterwave appointed five new executives in its risk, compliance, and expansion departments, following the abrupt departure of its former CFO, Oneal Bhambani.

The fintech giant also secured a court order to recover $24 million lost to unauthorized POS transactions, showcasing its commitment to financial integrity and legal recourse.

Outlook for Flutterwave and the African Fintech Landscape

As Flutterwave continues to navigate the dynamic fintech landscape in Africa, the addition of Olajumoke Adenowo to its global board reflects a strategic move to enhance leadership and drive the company’s mission of fostering financial inclusion and connectivity on the continent and beyond.

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