Odumodublvck Opens Up About His Decision to Leave Bowen University for a Fresh Start at UNILAG

The story of Odumodublvck, the Nigerian rapper, sheds light on the challenges he faced during his time at Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State.

His decision to leave the institution is not just about a change in academic pursuits but also reflects a personal journey marked by resistance to authority and a pursuit of personal freedom.

Intentional Departure

Rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, better known as Odumodublvck, openly acknowledged that he intentionally left Bowen University, a private institution in Osun State, Nigeria.

He cited the “strict rules and limited freedom” of the university as significant factors that hindered his academic progress.

Parental Influence

In a recent interview with Dadaboy, Odumodublvck revealed that despite his own reservations, his parents had pushed him to enroll at Bowen University.

His parents’ insistence on his education ultimately led him to the private institution, despite his doubts about its suitability for his academic journey.

Academic Struggles and Discontent

Odumodublvck’s academic performance at Bowen University took a considerable hit, with his grade point average (GPA) plummeting to 0.01.

He admitted to deliberately skipping tests, a reflection of his discontent with the institution’s environment and rules.

Taking Control of His Destiny

The rapper took a bold step by leaving the university without his parents’ consent.

He chose to pursue his studies at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), a decision driven by his desire for more autonomy and a different academic experience.

In his words,

“I did not want to go to Bowen but my dad was like ‘You have to go to Germany or you go to UNIABUJA’. He was telling my mum I cannot go to a private school. And I told my mum, ‘see this BOWEN, you are gonna waste your money’.

One day I came late for chapel, and they asked me, ‘why did I come late?’ I told them cause there was no water, there was no light to iron so he said ‘other people nko?’ I said ‘sir, did you come here without bathing?’ And they told us to kneel down. I said I am not gonna kneel down.

They said they were gonna call the VC. I said ‘call him’. The VC came and said ‘I am gonna call your mother’, I said ‘call her’. I was not giving a f**k ’cause then I was like a raging lion, I did not wanna be there. I left that school.

My GP was 0.01 cause I was missing exams on purpose. I dropped out of school by myself and stayed at my aunt’s side. I bought a diploma form from UNILAG because I could not go back to ABJ.”


Odumodublvck’s journey from Bowen University to UNILAG is a tale of a young artist determined to chart his own path, even in the face of parental expectations and societal norms.

His resistance to the strict rules of the private institution highlights the clash between personal freedom and conformity to traditional educational structures.

His story serves as a testament to the importance of individual agency and the pursuit of one’s true passions and interests in the realm of education and personal growth.