NYPD Officers Face Investigation After Taser Incident Involving Venezuelan Migrant Holding Child in Queens Shelter

NYPD Officers Face Investigation After Taser Incident Involving Venezuelan Migrant Holding Child in Queens Shelter

The NYPD is under investigation following an incident at a migrant shelter in Jamaica, Queens, where officers used a taser on Yanny Cordero, a Venezuelan migrant, while he held his one-year-old son.

Disturbing footage captured the confrontation, raising concerns about the use of force in the presence of a child.

Confrontation Details: Officers Attempt to Restrain Yanny Cordero

Video footage from the incident reveals two NYPD officers attempting to restrain Yanny Cordero, 47, as he holds his child against a closed elevator door.

The confrontation escalates as one officer deploys a yellow stun gun, striking Cordero, who is then punched in the head.

The officers later separate Cordero from the child, pinning him against a desk, and a third officer delivers two punches to his face.

Outcry During Confrontation: Bystander Denounces Use of Force

As the altercation unfolds, a bystander recording the incident is heard yelling in Spanish, expressing outrage over the perceived abuse and questioning the violation of human rights.

The footage, however, does not capture the moments leading up to the physical confrontation.

Arrests and Charges: Cordero and Wife Taken Into Custody

Following the confrontation, both Yanny Cordero and his wife, Andrea Parra, were arrested. Cordero claimed the dispute began when a shelter worker hit him in the face as he struggled to communicate in English.

The NYPD contends that officers provided multiple warnings to Cordero to hand the child to someone else.

Charges against Cordero include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, violent behavior, obstructing government administration, and acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17.

Family Reunited: Children Taken by ACS, Later Rejoined with Parents

The couple’s three children were initially taken by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) but have since been reunited with their parents after their release from jail.

The family has relocated to a shelter in Brooklyn.

Mayoral Support: Eric Adams Defends Officers, Cites Cordero’s Behavior

Mayor Eric Adams defended the NYPD officers involved, asserting that Yanny Cordero was violent and under the influence of alcohol while holding a child.

Adams emphasized the necessity for officers to intervene to ensure the child’s safety, standing by the decision to separate Cordero from the infant.

Political Context: New York City’s Stance on Asylum Seekers and Migrant Crime

The incident comes amid increasing rhetoric from New York City officials about the influx of asylum seekers and migrants in the city.

Mayor Adams has acknowledged the majority of migrants as law-abiding but expressed a willingness to reconsider certain laws hindering cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

Law Modifications: Mayor Adams Proposes Changes to Sanctuary City Laws

Mayor Adams has suggested modifying sanctuary city laws to allow cooperation with federal immigration enforcement in cases involving felonies or violent acts.

Currently, these laws restrict the NYPD and city jails from holding individuals for ICE unless convicted of specific violent crimes.

Complex Immigration Landscape: NYC Balances Welcoming Approach with Safety Concerns

The incident highlights the challenges faced by New York City in balancing a welcoming approach to migrants with safety concerns and the need for law enforcement cooperation with federal agencies.

The debate over modifying sanctuary city laws continues as the city grapples with the complex immigration landscape.

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