England Fans Brace for Euro 2024 Clash Against Denmark, Prompting Early Office Closures and Workplace Viewing Plans

England football enthusiasts are gearing up for a pivotal Euro 2024 match against Denmark, scheduled for Thursday at 5 pm in Frankfurt, setting the stage for a day of workplace adjustments across the country.

With anticipation running high, fans are planning early departures and office viewing parties, underscoring the communal excitement and logistical challenges associated with major sporting events during working hours.

Workplace Preparations and Concerns

As the match coincides with the end of the typical workday, businesses nationwide are bracing for increased absenteeism and reduced productivity on Friday.

Human resources experts caution that unplanned absences, sickness, and late arrivals could potentially double post-match, following England’s victorious start against Serbia, where 18.5 million viewers tuned in.

Impact on Attendance and Productivity

Research by BrightHR reveals a significant surge in annual leave requests, up by 123% on Thursday and 148% on Friday compared to the May daily average.

This trend reflects a national fervor for football and the strategic planning required by employers to maintain operational efficiency amidst widespread sporting enthusiasm.

Fan Presence in Frankfurt and Prince William’s Attendance

In Frankfurt, the influx of over 50,000 England supporters ahead of kick-off highlights the passionate following for the Three Lions, with St George’s flags and team jerseys adorning the city’s streets.

The anticipation is heightened further by the presence of Prince William, adding royal support to the Group C encounter at Frankfurt Arena.

Business Responses and Viewing Options

Acknowledging the challenge of balancing work and fandom, some companies, like Peninsula, opt to screen matches in offices to ensure employees can enjoy the game while maintaining professional commitments.

This approach not only fosters camaraderie but also mitigates potential productivity losses associated with widespread absenteeism.

HR Advice and Guidelines

Employment services director Kate Palmer stresses the importance of maintaining workplace decorum during social events like office viewings, advising on the necessity of proper licensing and responsible alcohol consumption.

With the potential for disciplinary issues arising from post-match celebrations, clear guidelines and expectations ensure a harmonious work environment.

Fan Perspectives and Expectations

On the ground in Frankfurt, England supporters like Ellis Platten and Dean McCarthy express optimism and unity, believing in the team’s potential to succeed in Euro 2024.

Their enthusiasm mirrors a national sentiment eager for a triumphant campaign, underpinned by solidarity and hope for a memorable tournament.

Challenges and Optimism

While reveling in the camaraderie and excitement of tournament football, fans also acknowledge logistical challenges and the need for improved transport arrangements following chaotic scenes in Gelsenkirchen.

Enhanced provisions are called for to accommodate the large influx of supporters expected to gather for England’s potential last-16 match in the same city.


As England prepares for a decisive Euro 2024 clash against Denmark, the nation stands united in its support for the team, navigating between work obligations and football fervor.

The upcoming match not only promises sporting spectacle but also underscores the cultural significance of football in British society, bringing together diverse communities in a shared celebration of national pride and athletic excellence.

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