Dine and Dash Drama: Group Settles £260 Pub Bill After Being Named Online

Dine and Dashers Pay Up After Public Shaming

In a recent incident, a group of individuals accused of dining and dashing at the Britannia Inn in Par, Cornwall, have settled their £260 bill after being named and shamed on social media.

The family enjoyed a substantial meal at the pub but attempted to make a hasty exit without paying when the waitress’s back was turned, some even departing in an allegedly untaxed Skoda Fabia.

The pub, seeking to rectify the situation, posted CCTV images of the diners on Facebook, resulting in a flurry of tips and identification from the public.

Online Exposure Leads to Settlement

The Britannia Inn’s decision to share the CCTV pictures of the group dining and dashing on Facebook proved effective.

Numerous calls and messages were received, identifying the individuals involved. Subsequently, the pub confirmed that the bill had been settled, acknowledging the contribution of a family member who came forward to rectify the situation.

The Bill and Calculated Departure

The alleged dine and dashers had ordered a variety of items, including £17.50 lasagna and £25 rump steak, along with several pints of Stella Artois lager and Madri lager, among other items.

The total bill amounted to £260.50. Pub staff emphasized that the departure of the group was no accident; it was a calculated plan.

They strategically waited for staff to exit the room for a brief moment before making their escape, leaving the waitress puzzled upon her return.

Community Reactions and Concerns

Reacting to the incident, members of the community expressed their dismay and support for the Britannia Inn and its staff. Customers and locals weighed in, denouncing the actions of the dine and dashers.

Many emphasized the impact such actions have on businesses and the livelihoods of those who work hard to provide good service.

Similar Incidents Elsewhere

This incident in Cornwall comes on the heels of a similar case in Ashford, Kent, where restaurant bosses at Stubbs Restaurant shared pictures of a group that enjoyed a lavish Sunday lunch, incurring a substantial bill of £489.90, before allegedly speeding away without payment.

The restaurant appealed to the group to settle their bill, expressing concern for their ability to survive as a business in the face of such actions. The incident underscores the broader issue of dine and dash incidents and the impact on businesses.

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