Notorious Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crash

In a concerning development, the notorious terrorist leader known as Dogo Gide and his members have proudly claimed responsibility for the recent shooting down of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) helicopter.


The tragic incident occurred near Chukuba Ward in Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State.

The aircraft, which had taken off from Kaduna en route to Minna, the capital of Niger State, crashed around 1:00 pm.

The NAF Director of Public Relations and Information, Edward Gabkwet, released a statement detailing that the helicopter was on a mission for casualty evacuation when the unfortunate crash occurred.

The aircraft had departed from Zungeru Primary School and was en route to Kaduna.


However, it was later discovered to have crashed near Chukuba Village in Niger state.

Adding a chilling twist to the situation, a viral video allegedly filmed at the crash site features Dogo Gide and his group claiming responsibility for the accident.

The terrorists are seen wielding AK-47s in the video.

The aircraft bore the inscription NAF 582.

The narrator in the video conveyed the group’s message: “These are bodies belonging to soldiers of the Nigerian Army who attacked us with the intention of causing us harm.


They did this to see the downfall of Dogo Gide and by God’s grace, he is still alive and won’t die.

These are dozens of soldiers as you can see them.

This is their airplane. Repent, we have no business with anyone except those who try to come for us.

This is God’s work.

We used an AK-47 to bring down this plane.”


The narrator continued, “Take a look at them. Let this be a lesson.

You all should repent.

It is not our intention to kill but for everyone to be enlightened and have the fear of God. Leaders who sent these soldiers our way to be killed by us should repent.

We won’t surrender from pressure or even an aeroplane.

Dogo Gide, who is their target, won’t die now.


He is still alive.

These are the AK-47s we used to bring down this plane.

We opened fire when we sighted them and they did the same.

Repent and fear God.

We pray for God’s mercy at all times.


This is God’s work and not ours as you can see.”

Local residents provided accounts of the incident as well. Simon Bulus, a resident, noted that the Dogo Gide terrorist group operates in the forest.

Another resident named Haruna Ibrahim recalled the moment when continuous gunshots were heard, causing people to flee.

Shots were observed being fired at the helicopter during the turmoil.

This incident sheds light on the ongoing challenges posed by terrorism and underscores the need for security measures to ensure the safety of the citizens and military personnel.


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