North Somerset Council Implements Trailblazing Four-Compartment Bins in Waste Management Trial

North Somerset Council Implements Trailblazing Four-Compartment Bins in Waste Management Trial

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Innovative Four-Compartment Bins Introduced in North Somerset Council’s Trial for Improved Waste Management


North Somerset Council has initiated a trial of new bins featuring four separate compartments, aiming to streamline household waste and recycling processes while reducing litter.

Termed ‘Quatro’ bins, these larger bins with three wheels and a lid have already gained popularity in Scandinavia for their efficiency.

Participants residing in north Somerset will utilize these new-style bins in place of their current multiple recycling and waste containers.

The collection of these bins will be conducted by a specialized recycling vehicle equipped with a unique lifting mechanism that matches the bin’s four compartments to the lorry’s four collection chambers.

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This novel system presents several potential benefits for households, including increased recycling capacity, simplified sorting, enhanced mobility, and reduced litter.

By utilizing the ‘Quatro’ bins, residents can expect improved waste management capabilities and ease of use.


Lucy Shomali, Director of Place at North Somerset Council, expressed enthusiasm about the trial, emphasizing the innovative nature of the technology being tested in the UK.

While acknowledging the council’s already commendable recycling track record, Shomali highlighted their commitment to further improving efficiency and effectiveness in waste collection.

The ‘Quatro’ system has been successfully implemented in Scandinavian countries for approximately two decades.

If the trial proves successful and the new system is adopted, the council anticipates a reduction in collection journeys required for household recycling and waste, resulting in decreased pollution, reduced road congestion, and cost savings for the council.

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Lucy emphasized that the current trial phase is purely experimental, and no commitment has been made beyond this initial testing.

Based on feedback and outcomes, further trials will be necessary before councilors can review the results and determine the best course of action.

Residents not participating in the trial will not experience any alterations to their existing waste collection arrangements.

As North Somerset Council explores this trailblazing waste management approach, they align their efforts with their vision of becoming a leading authority in waste minimization and addressing the climate emergency.


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