Nomas Gastrobar’s Dilemma – Adapting to Appetite or Upholding Vegan Ideals?

Nomas Gastrobar’s Dilemma – Adapting to Appetite or Upholding Vegan Ideals?

Nomas Gastrobar, a vegan restaurant located in Macclesfield, Cheshire, recently faced a tough decision to introduce meat alternatives to its menu due to financial challenges.

The move came as a response to a significant number of customers leaving after realizing the restaurant offered only a vegan menu.

Financial Pressures and Backlash:

The restaurant’s owner, Adonis Norouznia, who is also vegan, expressed that the decision was driven by the need to cover staff wages and operational costs.

Unfortunately, this shift has resulted in a backlash from some members of the vegan community, with messages vowing not to visit the establishment.

Attempts to Sustain Business:

Nomas Gastrobar revealed that it had explored various options to remain open, including keeping drink prices steady amid the cost of living crisis and implementing money-saving deals.

Despite these efforts, the restaurant struggled financially, leading to the introduction of meat alternatives to attract a wider customer base.

Menu Changes and Vegan Options:

The restaurant clarified that while it has added meat options to the menu, the majority of the offerings will remain vegan.

This adjustment aims to accommodate diverse preferences and ensure the sustainability of the family-run business.

Owner’s Perspective:

Adonis Norouznia shared his perspective on the situation, citing the astonishing and, at times, nasty comments received.

He emphasized that the decision was made out of survival for the business and the need to adapt to challenging times, urging understanding from the community.

Customer Reactions and Support:

Despite the backlash, some customers expressed support for Nomas Gastrobar’s decision, acknowledging the challenges faced by the business.

Messages of encouragement and understanding were received from diners who praised the transparency of the restaurant in sharing its reasons for the menu change.

Industry Trends and Challenges:

Nomas Gastrobar’s shift reflects a broader trend seen in other vegan or vegetarian establishments that have introduced meat to their menus.

The challenges faced by plant-based businesses have led some to make strategic decisions to adapt to market demands and financial realities.


Nomas Gastrobar’s journey from a vegan-only menu to incorporating meat alternatives highlights the complexities faced by businesses in the evolving food industry.

As the restaurant strives to navigate financial challenges, the response from both critics and supporters underscores the delicate balance required to sustain a business in changing times.

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