Nollywood Star Nonso Diobi Breaks Silence: Reveals Reasons for Lengthy Hiatus and Filmmaking Journey

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Renowned Nollywood actor Nonso Diobi, known for his exceptional performances in various films, has opened up about the reasons behind his prolonged absence from the movie industry.


As one of the top male stars in Nollywood, his talent and on-screen charisma have endeared him to fans across Nigeria and beyond.

Focus on Knowledge and Filmmaking:

During an interview with Hip TV, Nonso Diobi shared that he deliberately took time off from the movie scene to expand his knowledge in acting.

He expressed excitement about two upcoming movies that he intends to unveil to the public.

Diobi revealed that he has transitioned from being solely an actor to becoming a filmmaker, exploring directing and producing his own movies.

He believes that his fans will soon appreciate the reasons behind his hiatus.

Becoming a Multifaceted Filmmaker:

Nonso Diobi emphasized that he sees himself as more than just a regular movie star.


He now officially identifies as a filmmaker, delving into various aspects of the creative process.

The actor’s decision to take a break was driven by his desire to acquire more knowledge and transform himself within the entertainment industry.

By venturing into directing and producing, Diobi aims to deliver unique experiences to his fans and provide them with the entertainment they crave.

Excitement for the Future:

Nonso Diobi expressed his enthusiasm for his upcoming projects, assuring his fans that he will make official announcements about his new movies soon.

As he embraces filmmaking as an integral part of his career, he believes that his fans will gain a deeper understanding of his decision to step away from the spotlight.

Diobi’s passion for entertainment remains unwavering, and he sees it as an integral part of his life.


Nonso Diobi’s revelation sheds light on his extended absence from the movie industry, which was driven by his pursuit of knowledge and a desire to explore filmmaking.

As he transitions from being a renowned actor to a multifaceted filmmaker, he anticipates sharing his upcoming projects with his fans.


With a renewed focus and dedication to his craft, Nonso Diobi aims to deliver exceptional experiences and prove that entertainment is his life’s calling.

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