Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu Defies Expectations, Thrives in Unconventional Business Venture

Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu Defies Expectations, Thrives in Unconventional Business Venture

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Veteran Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu, known for his roles in Nigerian movies, recently made headlines when he was spotted selling second-hand goods called ‘Okrika.’


Fans expressed surprise and curiosity regarding his choice of earning a living.

In response to the public’s reaction, Madu took to TikTok to showcase his ‘business empire’ and dismiss those who found his hustle strange.

Sylvester Madu’s Unconventional Career Path:

Sylvester Madu, who entered the Nollywood industry in 1998, was captured in a viral video at a public market in Enugu, where he sorted through clothing and other goods for sale.

The video, shared on social media, highlighted Madu’s involvement in selling at Enugu Ngwo.

Despite his fame as an actor, Madu confidently embraced this new venture, showcasing a strong work ethic and resilience.

Proudly Displaying his Business Empire:

In response to the viral video, Sylvester Madu took to TikTok to showcase his expanding business empire.


He shared live videos from his business location, revealing a group of people involved in selling various second-hand goods.

By doing so, Madu aimed to prove that his choice of earning a living was not a one-time occurrence but rather an ongoing entrepreneurial pursuit.

Addressing the Critics:

Refusing to be discouraged by those who found his career choice unusual, Sylvester Madu responded to the critics by dismissing their opinions as foolish.

He openly expressed his satisfaction and confidence in his chosen path, indicating that he had found success and fulfillment in his business venture.

By addressing the naysayers, Madu demonstrated his determination and resilience in the face of judgment.

Mcsmith Ochendo’s Light-hearted Comment:

Amid the discussions surrounding Sylvester Madu’s unconventional career choice, fellow Nollywood actor Mcsmith Ochendo made a light-hearted remark.

Ochendo jokingly claimed that he had become a native doctor, indirectly suggesting that people should focus on their own lives and not be overly concerned with Madu’s choices.

Ochendo’s comment aimed to lighten the mood and remind everyone not to take things too seriously.



Sylvester Madu’s decision to engage in the sale of second-hand goods has raised eyebrows among fans and the public alike.

However, Madu remains undeterred by the opinions of others, proudly showcasing his growing business empire on social media.

In response to the critics, he confidently defended his choice and dismissed their concerns as foolish.

Through his actions and words, Madu exemplifies resilience and determination in pursuing his chosen path, regardless of societal expectations.


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