Noah Lyles Involved in Dramatic Crash Before Men’s 200m Semi-Final at World Championships in Budapest

Noah Lyles Involved in Dramatic Crash Before Men’s 200m Semi-Final at World Championships in Budapest

In a startling event at the World Championships in Budapest, a crash involving a golf buggy transporting athletes to the track caused panic and injury.

This incident occurred shortly before the men’s 200m semi-final, affecting key athletes like American star Noah Lyles and Jamaican star Andrew Hudson.

The following sections detail the circumstances of the crash, the immediate aftermath, and the official response.

Crash Incident

Dramatic Collision Before the Semi-final: As athletes were being transported from the warm-up/holding area to the track, their golf buggy collided with another, causing a hefty shunt.

This crash was forceful enough to knock the driver of one of the buggies to the floor, though he managed to walk away unscathed.

Athletes Affected

Jamaican Star Hudson’s Injury: Jamaican athlete Andrew Hudson appeared to be the only athlete harmed, with shards of glass entering his right eye.

He described his ordeal: “A bunch of glass went into my right eye… My eyesight is pretty blurry every time I open my eye.”

Despite the injury, he chose to run, stating his hard work to be at the championships.

Lyles Unharmed and Qualifies for Final: Both Noah Lyles and Hudson were able to compete in the rescheduled race, with Lyles winning and qualifying for Friday’s final.

Hudson did not progress after finishing fifth.

Official Response

Statement from the Local Organising Committee: In a statement, the Local Organising Committee acknowledged the collision and the reorder of the 200m heats.

They assured that the volunteer and the athlete were assessed and cleared to participate, and promised an investigation into the incident and a review of transport procedures.


This unexpected incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sporting events, not only on the field but also off it.

The athletes’ determination to compete despite the crash, especially Hudson’s choice to run with a painful injury, showcases their commitment and passion for the sport.

The event also highlights the importance of safety measures and procedures, with the promise of an investigation offering an opportunity for learning and improvement.

The courage and resilience demonstrated by the athletes, and the organized response from the committee, reflect the spirit and professionalism that define world-class sports.