Countdown to the Grand Finale: Naija Highlandah Season 2


The excitement is palpable as we approach the grand finale of The Naija Highlandah Season 2, a competition that embodies the fearless and unconventional spirit of Nigerians, fueled by William Lawson’s blended scotch whisky.

With an impressive ₦2 million cash prize and an all-expenses-paid trip to Scotland up for grabs, this journey has been defined by a rule-breaking attitude, unwavering determination, and unapologetic living.

The Grand Finale Extravaganza:

Star Lounge, Abule Egba The grand finale is set to take place at Star Lounge, Abule Egba, Lagos, and promises an evening filled with entertainment, including performances by renowned artists like Small Doctor, famous for hits like ‘Mosquito Killer.’

Attendees can also partake in recreational activities, including games from the activations and photo opportunities.

A No-Rules Rollercoaster:

William Lawson’s Philosophy The second season of William Lawson’s Naija Highlandah was a thrilling rollercoaster ride that challenged participants to embrace a no-rules lifestyle.

This challenge aligned with the brand’s ethos of defying convention and living life on one’s terms.

Contestants, aged 18 and above, embarked on a month-long journey of unconventional tasks that pushed their boundaries and ranged from intense to humorous.

The Unforgettable Journey:

From Challenges to Games Participants took on a diverse range of challenges, from Spin the Bottle and spelling William Lawson’s name in reverse to daring tasks like planking and the ice cube challenge.

These tasks were complemented by the energy and excitement brought by ambassadors and influencers at various lounges across Lagos.

The Road to the Grand Finale:

15 Finalists Emerge After eight weeks of unwavering determination and boundary-pushing, the top 15 contestants with the highest points secured their spots as finalists.

These finalists are now poised to compete for the coveted title of #NaijaHighlandah champion.

A Celebration of the Unconventional Spirit:

Embracing Unapologetic Living The grand finale is a celebration of the resilient spirit that propels Nigerians to embrace the unconventional and challenge societal norms, echoing the ethos of William Lawson’s Scotch whisky.

The spotlight will shine on the finalists as they engage in a battle of wits, courage, and unconventional thinking.

The Ultimate Naija Highlandah Champion:

A Night of Triumph The grand finale will determine who will emerge as the ultimate Naija Highlandah champion, securing the ₦2 million cash prize, a Highlandah Kilt, and a dream trip to Scotland, UK, courtesy of William Lawson’s.

The night will be filled with exhilarating entertainment, suspense, and the triumph of the boldest.

Save the Date:

Join the Celebration As the countdown to the grand finale continues, mark your calendars and gather your friends and family.

The grand finale of Naija Highlandah Season 2 will take place at Stalad Lounge, Abule Egba, Lagos, on September 30th, 2023, starting at 3 pm. No tickets required – simply arrive and immerse yourself in this historic event.

A Tribute to Unyielding Spirit:

Celebrating Contestants In the lead-up to the grand finale, let’s celebrate the contestants who fearlessly embraced the no-rules way of life, defying conventions and showcasing their boldness and wit.

More than just a competition, this is a testament to the unyielding spirit of Nigerians who dare to live life on their terms.

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