No Communication: Prince William and Prince Harry’s Feud Persists

No Communication: Prince William and Prince Harry’s Feud Persists

…By for TDPel Media. Prince William and Prince Harry’s Estrangement Continues Amidst Royal Speculation


The Claim of No Communication

According to an insider from the royal circles, Prince William and Prince Harry are still not on speaking terms, and there has been no attempt from either side to reach out.

Despite previous reports suggesting that the Duke of Sussex had contacted the Prince of Wales earlier this month, the insider dismisses these claims, asserting that the feuding brothers have not recently engaged in any form of communication.


Limited Contact and Royal Speculation

The source further reveals that not only have there been no arguments between the brothers, but there also hasn’t been any contact whatsoever.

No telephone calls, no FaceTime sessions, and no Zoom calls have taken place, exacerbating the apparent distance between them.

Amidst the ongoing speculation about the Sussexes’ potential return to the UK, it was claimed that Prince Harry had initiated contact with Prince William to discuss this possibility.

The Sussexes’ Financial Pressures


Reports have surfaced indicating that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing financial pressures following the waning of some lucrative deals.

While their partnership with Netflix remains intact, they were recently dropped by Spotify.

These developments might be adding to the complexities of their situation, sparking speculations about their future choices.

The Potential Return to the Monarchy

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams expressed his views on the idea of Meghan and Harry rejoining the monarchy as working members.


He stated that such a move would be an unprecedented event in royal history, especially after the couple’s public attacks on the Royal Family through TV interviews and Harry’s autobiography.

Fitzwilliams believes that returning to the fold after all that has transpired would be a significant humiliation for the couple.

The Extraordinary Nature of a Possible Return

Given the dramatic events that have unfolded since Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down from their roles in the Royal Family in 2020, the concept of them making a U-turn and returning to the royal fold is seen as extraordinary.

The depth of the rift and the public nature of their criticisms make any hypothetical rejoining a complex and sensitive matter.


The ongoing estrangement between Prince William and Prince Harry continues to captivate the public’s attention, with speculation surrounding their potential future choices adding to the intrigue.

As the situation unfolds, the dynamics between the two brothers and the Royal Family as a whole remain uncertain, leaving many wondering about the path the Sussexes will ultimately choose to take.


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