NLC and TUC in Sokoto State Gear Up for Nationwide Strike on October 3rd

NLC and TUC in Sokoto State Gear Up for Nationwide Strike on October 3rd

Mobilizing for Nationwide Strike

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Sokoto State have initiated the mobilization of their members in preparation for the upcoming nationwide strike.

As previously reported, the organized labor unions have declared a strike scheduled to commence on October 3, 2023.

State Labor Union’s Readiness

Hamisu Hussaini, the state secretary of the labor union, shared insights into the state’s readiness for the strike. He stated that workers in Sokoto State have been effectively mobilized for the impending action.

Speaking on behalf of the state chairman, Abdullahi Aliyu Jungle, Hussaini affirmed that both the NLC and TUC in Sokoto State are fully prepared for the strike.

Immediate Mobilization Efforts

Hussaini further elaborated, saying, “We have received notification for the strike action from the national headquarters of the union on the commencement of the total and indefinite strike by Tuesday.”

He assured that they have promptly commenced the mobilization of their members in the state to participate in the strike until their demands are met by the federal government.

Additionally, he mentioned that affiliate organizations across the state have been informed and that a monitoring team has been established to oversee events in all offices throughout Sokoto State.

Transport Workers Awaiting Directives

Labaran, the assistant secretary of the National Union of Transport Workers (NURTW) in Sokoto State, highlighted that his members are currently awaiting directives from the national headquarters regarding the strike.

Once they receive the necessary instructions from the union’s headquarters in Abuja, they will be ready to participate in the strike.

Engagement with Banks for Compliance

Meanwhile, the secretary of the NLC disclosed that union leaders in Sokoto State have engaged with some of the bank managers in the state to ensure their full compliance with the proposed strike.

The banks were made aware that a special monitoring team will oversee the strike, and they assured the union representatives that once they receive a memo from the bank, they will join the strike action.

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