Nina Warhurst Claps Back at Hair Critic with Perfect Response Post-Maternity Leave

Nina Warhurst Claps Back at Hair Critic with Perfect Response Post-Maternity Leave

Return to the Red Sofa:

After a hiatus for maternity leave, BBC Breakfast host Nina Warhurst made a triumphant return to the show last week, marking her first appearance since welcoming her baby daughter, Nance, in July.

However, the joy of her return was momentarily overshadowed by a viewer’s critical remark about her appearance, specifically targeting her hair.

Unsettling Critique:

The viewer, while asserting “no offence intended,” took to X to express their desire for Nina to style her hair differently, suggesting it appeared flattened.

The critique came shortly after the TV presenter had settled back into her role on the BBC programme.

Such unsolicited comments on appearance often draw attention and reactions, especially on public platforms.

Nina’s Resilient Response:

Nina Warhurst, however, demonstrated resilience in the face of the hair criticism.

Sharing the viewer’s comment on X, she humorously responded, “Ahhhhh it’s good to be back!” accompanied by a sunglasses face emoji.

This light-hearted retort showcased Nina’s ability to brush off such comments with grace and a touch of humor.

Supportive Fanbase:

The incident prompted an outpouring of support from fans who questioned the necessity of such critiques.

Many defended Nina, praising her appearance and expressing bewilderment at why someone would feel compelled to comment negatively on her looks.

The consensus among fans was one of encouragement and positivity.

Gendered Criticism:

Some fans pointed out the potential gender bias in such critiques, questioning whether male presenters receive similar comments about their appearance.

Amidst the backlash, viewers emphasized Nina’s fabulous return and expressed frustration over unwarranted negativity.

Family and Career:

As a mother of three, including two sons born in 2018 and 2016, Nina Warhurst has successfully managed her family life alongside her career.

Her recent return to BBC Breakfast highlights her resilience and dedication to her professional commitments.


The incident sheds light on the challenges public figures face regarding unsolicited comments on their appearance.

Nina Warhurst’s response exemplifies a balanced approach, acknowledging the comment without letting it overshadow her return.

The supportive fanbase reinforces the idea that public figures, especially women, should not be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny.