Trump Dominates County, But Haley Finds Strong Support Among Familiar Faces

Trump Dominates County, But Haley Finds Strong Support Among Familiar Faces

In the South Carolina Republican primary, Nikki Haley’s hometown of Bamberg reflects a nuanced political landscape, with personal connections influencing support.

While former President Donald Trump is anticipated to dominate in the state, those intimately acquainted with Haley express unwavering backing for her 2024 presidential bid.

Personal Ties Defying Trends:

On the final day of early voting in Bamberg, a rural town, discovered a divergence in political allegiance.

While the majority of voters leaned towards Trump, individuals with personal ties to Nikki Haley stood firmly in her corner.

This dynamic adds a layer of complexity to the prevailing narrative of Trump’s anticipated victory in the state.

Voices from Haley’s Past:

Individuals like 79-year-old Joyce McMillan, who worked as an accountant for Haley’s parents, offer insights into Haley’s early life.

McMillan, expressing deep admiration, recalls teaching Haley financial skills at the age of 13.

Her endorsement emphasizes Haley’s intelligence and capability, dismissing the prevailing trend of Trump support in the county.

Mixed Sentiments on Trump’s Criticism:

Notably, some Haley supporters in Bamberg express discomfort with Trump’s recent comments about Haley’s husband, deployed in Africa.

Mimbee Ray, a retired office manager, criticizes Trump as “too vocal” and disapproves of his remarks about Haley’s spouse.

These sentiments reveal a nuanced perspective that transcends party lines.

Support for Haley’s Leadership:

Residents like Mimbee Ray and Erin Chassereau highlight Haley’s tenure as governor, describing her as a “great” leader.

Chassereau, a caretaker, commends Haley’s political acumen and views her as a positive representation for women in politics.

Despite acknowledging the prevailing Trump support in the county, Chassereau remains hopeful for Haley’s success.

Generational Divide and Local Dynamics:

The interviews suggest a generational divide in political preferences, with older residents favoring Trump, possibly influenced by economic challenges and declining local conditions.

Chassereau notes the departure of young people and dilapidated homes, linking it to the older generation’s alignment with Trump.

Moral Values and Individual Choices:

The varied perspectives extend to voters like Kathy, a 76-year-old Trump supporter, emphasizing moral values in her choice.

While Kathy aligns with Trump on issues related to abortion and homosexuality, she voices skepticism about Haley, perceiving her as “fake.”

This underscores the diversity of considerations shaping individual voting decisions.

Historical Significance and Symbolism:

Some residents, like Joshua Creech, express reservations about Haley’s decision to remove the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s statehouse.

Creech ties his perspective to familial history, emphasizing the historical significance of symbols and decisions made by political figures.


Bamberg’s political landscape reflects a complex interplay of personal connections, generational dynamics, and individual values.

As the South Carolina Republican primary unfolds, the divergent support for Nikki Haley within her hometown adds layers of nuance to the broader narrative dominated by Trump’s influence.

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