Nigeria’s New President, Tinubu, Vows to Take on Security Issues Head-On

Nigeria’s New President, Tinubu, Vows to Take on Security Issues Head-On

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. On May 29, 2023, Nigeria entered a new era as former President Muhammadu Buhari handed over power to the winner of the February 25th presidential election, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Buhari, who served two terms in office, left behind unfinished promises, particularly in addressing the country’s security challenges.

Tinubu’s Pledge to Tackle Insecurity:

Similar to other candidates in the 2023 election, Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, campaigned on the promise of addressing the insecurity that persisted during the Buhari administration.

He assured Nigerians that he would use his expertise and strategies to combat insurgency and other challenges affecting the nation.


Renewed Hope and Initial Impressions:

Tinubu pledged to bring renewed hope to the nation, and in his early days in office, many citizens have expressed admiration for his leadership.

The Nigerian leader has received praise for demonstrating purpose, decisiveness, and a willingness to take action.

The Challenges Faced by Buhari’s Administration:

Dr. Oluwaseyi Adetayo, a respected Nigerian security and intelligence expert, provided insights into Buhari’s administration’s handling of the security situation.

While acknowledging the government’s efforts in curbing the insurgency in the Northeast, Dr. Adetayo emphasized that they were ill-prepared to address the issue of banditry within the country.

Lack of Preparation and Initial Progress:

According to Dr. Adetayo, the Buhari administration initially underestimated the magnitude of the problem and believed it could be resolved quickly.


The lack of adequate preparation and the misconception that stern directives alone could solve the issues hampered their progress in curbing insecurity.

The administration’s first four years were spent laying the necessary foundations instead of effectively addressing the problem from the start.

Progress in Curbing Insurgency:

However, Dr. Adetayo commended the administration for eventually rising to the occasion and achieving notable success in degrading the insurgency in the Northeast.

The procurement of high-tech military equipment and collaboration with local authorities resulted in the neutralization of Boko Haram leaders and the resettlement of displaced communities.

Challenges of Banditry and Failure in Northwest:

While the Buhari administration succeeded in combating Boko Haram and ISWAP, Dr. Adetayo pointed out that they failed to effectively address the issue of banditry in the northwest and north-central regions.


The administration’s focus was primarily on the northeast, and the growth of banditry in other areas was overlooked.

Misinterpretations of the issue from an ethnic perspective further hindered their response.

Evaluation of Buhari’s Administration:

Dr. Adetayo rated the previous administration’s efforts in combating insurgency and terrorism at 7 out of 10, acknowledging their significant progress in the northeast.

However, their failure to adequately address banditry and other security challenges in the northwest and north-central regions was a major setback.

The lack of preparation and delayed response resulted in significant loss of lives and property.


Tinubu’s Preparedness and Leadership:

Dr. Adetayo expressed optimism regarding Tinubu’s administration, particularly noting his preparedness and strategic approach.

Tinubu’s pre-existing policy frameworks and plans provide a solid foundation for addressing security challenges.

The security expert highlighted the importance of leadership and implementation in realizing the promised solutions.

Future Prospects for New Service Chiefs:

Dr. Adetayo acknowledged that the success of the new service chiefs depends on creating an enabling environment for them to excel.

He commended the current administration’s leadership and decisiveness, expressing hope that they will work together to solve Nigeria’s security problems.


Retirement of the Acting Inspector General of Police:

Regarding the potential retirement of the Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, in 2024, Dr. Adetayo cautioned against premature judgments.

He emphasized that such decisions are at the discretion of the commander-in-chief and depend on the performance and trustworthiness of the appointed individuals.

It is too early to determine the outcome, and it is essential to give them the benefit of the doubt.


As Nigeria enters a new phase of leadership under Tinubu, expectations are high regarding the nation’s security challenges.


Tinubu’s preparedness and leadership style, coupled with his commitment to addressing insecurity, provide hope for a more secure future.

The success of his administration and the new service chiefs will depend on their ability to implement strategies effectively and create an enabling environment for progress.

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