Oladips Returns from the ‘Dead’: Unveils Plans for a New Life Full of Controversies

The Shocking Return:

In a surprising turn of events, popular rapper Oladips, who was widely believed to be dead, has made a dramatic reappearance.

Previously presumed deceased after his management released an official statement and published his obituary, Oladips has now resurfaced, claiming to see his return as a second chance at life.

A Second Chance Perspective:

Addressing the speculation surrounding his apparent demise, Oladips took to his Twitter page to express his views on this unexpected twist of events. He asserts that this “Oladips 2.0” version is an opportunity to embrace a different lifestyle, one that he did not pursue in his initial life.

Newfound Resolutions:

In his statement, Oladips outlines some of the controversial choices he plans to make in this ‘second life.’ He boldly declares his intentions to indulge in activities such as heavy drinking, smoking, and even getting a tattoo – all the things he refrained from in his past life.

Controversial Declarations:

Oladips doesn’t shy away from the controversial nature of his newfound resolutions. He unabashedly mentions that he will now embrace all the activities he deemed ‘bad’ in his previous life. This declaration has sparked a mix of reactions and discussions among his fans and followers.

Reactions and Responses:

The rapper’s bold announcements have triggered a range of responses on social media. While some fans express concern and disagreement, others question the motivations behind these controversial choices. The online community engages in a lively discussion, with opinions varying on whether Oladips’ second life choices are a positive or negative development.


Oladips’ resurrection and the subsequent revelations about his ‘second life’ have become a topic of significant debate and speculation. As the rapper embarks on this unconventional journey, the public watches with curiosity, leaving questions about the motivations and consequences of his controversial choices.

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