Federal Capital Territory Police Debunks Bomb Explosion Rumors in Maitama, Attributes Panic to Overheated Metal Container

Police Dismiss Bomb Explosion Reports, Attribute Panic to Overheated Container

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has swiftly responded to reports circulating on social media about a supposed bomb explosion in Maitama, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

In a statement issued on January 24, the FCT police spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, dispelled the rumors and provided an explanation for the incident that caused panic.

Explanation of the Incident

According to the police spokesperson, the situation was not a result of a bomb explosion but rather stemmed from an overheated metal refuse container.

Preliminary findings indicate that the intense heat caused the metal container to explode, resulting in injuries to two refuse evacuators present at the scene.

The injured individuals are currently receiving medical attention at Maitama General Hospital.

Official Statement from FCT Police Command

The official statement from the FCT Police Command sheds light on the incident, stating, “The FCT Police Command hereby wishes to update the public on an alleged explosion on 24/01/2024 at about 1145 hrs, near a refuse dump outside the Bureau of Public Enterprise premises in Maitama, Abuja.”

Cautionary Measures and Recommendations

In response to the incident, the police emphasized the need for caution, urging the public to refrain from using metal refuse bins.

Instead, they recommend the use of plastic or rubber containers for waste disposal, highlighting the reduced risk associated with such materials in preventing incidents related to overheated metal refuse containers.

The statement aims to address concerns, assure the public, and provide practical advice for waste disposal safety.

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