Nigeria – Angola Live Update: Ademola Lookman Scores at 41 Minutes in AFCON 2023 Quarter Finals

First Half: 

In a thrilling encounter at the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Nigeria seized the initiative in the quarter-finals of the AFCON 2023 by scoring the first goal at the 41st minute of the first half.

The man responsible for breaking the deadlock was none other than Ademola Lookman, whose clinical finish put Nigeria ahead in this highly anticipated clash.

The build-up to the goal was a testament to Nigeria’s prowess on the field. Moses Simon showcased his skills in the 41st minute, orchestrating a fantastic play that ultimately led to Lookman finding the back of the net.

The precise execution of this play highlighted the teamwork and individual brilliance that Nigerian fans have come to expect from their team.

As the clock ticked down towards the conclusion of the first half, the anticipation in the stadium reached its peak.

The moment Lookman’s shot hit the back of the net, the Nigerian supporters erupted in joy, celebrating the crucial breakthrough that could potentially propel their team to the semi-finals.

The scoreline read 1-0 in favor of Nigeria, thanks to Lookman’s goal.

The importance of an early lead in knockout stages cannot be overstated, and the Nigerian players, as well as their passionate fan base, understood the significance of this moment.

The match, however, did not lack drama even after the goal. In the closing minutes of the first half, the game witnessed several incidents that added to the intensity on the field.

Victor Osimhen, who played a vital role in the Nigerian attack, briefly left the field due to a slight injury, causing a temporary suspension of play.

Moments later, Jonathan Buatu of Angola was back on the field after a brief interruption.

As the first half concluded at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the scoreline remained 1-0 in favor of Nigeria.

The teams retreated to their respective dressing rooms with Nigeria holding a narrow lead, setting the stage for an intriguing second half.

The match statistics showcased the competitive nature of the encounter.

Angola, despite trailing, displayed determination with corners and free kicks, indicating their intent to mount a comeback in the remaining minutes.

Nigeria’s journey in the AFCON 2023 quarter-finals seemed promising, with Ademola Lookman’s goal providing them the edge.

However, as football enthusiasts know, anything can happen in the beautiful game, and the second half promised to be equally captivating as both teams aimed to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

Second Half

The second half kicked off with both teams vying for control, and Angola, determined to mount a comeback, increased their efforts in attacking positions.

The Nigerian defense, however, stood strong, thwarting Angola’s attempts to find the equalizer.

The latter part of the match saw some intense moments, with both teams engaging in strategic plays and creating goal-scoring opportunities.

The Nigerian goalkeeper showcased exceptional skills, making crucial saves to maintain their slender lead.

The tension in the stadium was palpable as fans anxiously awaited the final whistle.

As the clock ticked down, Nigeria continued to exhibit composure and resilience, controlling the pace of the game and preventing Angola from capitalizing on set-piece opportunities.

The defensive efforts were complemented by strategic substitutions, adding fresh legs to maintain the intensity.

At the 54th minute, Issa Sy signals a free kick for Angola in their own half.

Following that, Issa Sy awards Nigeria a throw-in in Angola’s half during the same minute. Nigeria takes the throw-in at the 54th minute.

Moving forward to the 55th minute, Calvin Bassey from Nigeria receives a yellow card. In the 56th minute, Angola is penalized for an offside infraction at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny.

As the game progresses to the 57th minute, the spotlight is on Nigeria, with the question arising: Can they capitalize on a dangerous free kick opportunity?

Shortly after, during the 58th minute, Calvin Bassey of Nigeria is the first to reach the ball in a header attempt, but unfortunately, it goes off-target. Consequently, Issa Sy awards Nigeria a corner kick.

At the 60th minute mark, Angola is granted a corner kick, concluding the sequence of events in ascending time order.

Nigeria Extends Lead with a 2-0 Advantage: AFCON 2023 Quarter-Finals Unfold

In a riveting quarter-final clash at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the AFCON 2023 encounter between Nigeria and Angola continued to deliver gripping moments, with each minute on the clock adding layers of drama and excitement.

61′ Angola Pushes Forward, But Gelson Dala’s Attempt is Foiled

The 61st minute saw Angola making a strategic move as Gelson Dala pushed forward, aiming for a finish on goal. However, Nigeria’s defense held firm, and the attempt was skillfully saved, denying Angola a chance to level the score.

62′ and 63′ Nigeria’s Attempts and a Free Kick

Nigeria, keen on extending their lead, showcased their offensive prowess at the 63rd minute. Zaidu Sanusi attempted a shot on goal at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, but the effort proved unsuccessful.

Shortly after, at the 62nd minute, Issa Sy signaled a free kick for Nigeria, underlining the team’s relentless pursuit of dominance.

64′ Angola Counteracted with a Throw-In

Angola, seeking opportunities to shift the momentum, countered with a throw-in at the 64th minute. The game’s dynamics were unfolding as both teams strategically navigated the field.

65′ Nigeria’s Chance from a Throw-In

Issa Sy signaled a Nigeria throw-in in Angola’s half at the 65th minute, providing the team a chance to orchestrate an attacking move.

Simultaneously, Angola was awarded a throw-in in their own half, highlighting the continuous back-and-forth nature of the match.

66′ Substitutions Shape the Game

The 66th minute brought notable changes for Angola, with Zito Luvumbo replacing Gilberto and Bruno Paz stepping in for Fredy.

Substitutions often inject fresh energy and tactics into the game, altering the course of play.

67′ to 70′ Throws, Goal Kick, and a Near Miss by Angola

Throw-ins characterized the 67th and 68th minutes, showcasing the importance of set-piece opportunities.

In the 70th minute, Show of Angola attempted a strike, but the effort went off target. Angola was then awarded a throw-in in their own half and a goal kick was given to Nigeria at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny.

71′ Double Yellow Cards and a Free Kick

The 71st minute brought intensity as Kialonda Gaspar for Angola received a yellow card from Issa Sy, earning Nigeria a free kick. Meanwhile, Issa Sy signaled a free kick to Nigeria, setting the stage for a critical phase of the game.

74′ Gelson Dala’s Yellow Card and Nigeria’s Free Kick

Gelson Dala from Angola received a yellow card at the 74th minute, leading to a free kick for Nigeria. The set-piece opportunities were becoming crucial in determining the flow of the game.

75′ Victor Osimhen Secures a 2-0 Lead with a Header

The 75th minute witnessed a significant breakthrough for Nigeria as Victor Osimhen skillfully executed a well-placed header, increasing their lead to 2-0. The celebration ensued as Nigeria asserted their dominance.

77′ Nigeria Offside in a Rapid Offensive Move

In Abidjan, Nigeria demonstrated their offensive prowess at the 77th minute, pushing forward quickly.

However, their efforts were thwarted as they were pulled up for offside, showcasing the fine margins that define high-stakes football matches.

The unfolding drama and strategic maneuvers in this AFCON 2023 quarter-final clash continue to captivate fans, leaving the outcome uncertain as both teams strive for a coveted spot in the semi-finals.

As the clock ticked towards the latter stages of the AFCON 2023 quarter-final clash between Nigeria and Angola, the match witnessed a flurry of events, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

79′ Angola’s Substitution and a Goal Kick

In a strategic move, Angola made their fourth substitution at the 79th minute, bringing in Jeremie Bela to replace Eddie Afonso.

Simultaneously, Angola was awarded a goal kick, reflecting the tactical adjustments being made as both teams sought to gain an upper hand.

80′ Tactical Shifts and Substitution for Nigeria

At the 80th minute, Nigeria’s coach, Jose Peseiro, made a pivotal decision, initiating the team’s first substitution. Alhassan Yusuf entered the field, replacing Alex Iwobi.

Substitutions at this stage of the game often aim to inject fresh energy and tactical nuances, influencing the dynamics of play.

83′ Nigeria’s Offensive Play: Corner and Throw-In

Issa Sy signaled a free kick to Nigeria in their own half at the 84th minute, presenting a valuable opportunity.

The ensuing play saw Nigeria being awarded a corner, underlining their commitment to expanding their lead.

Shortly after, at the 83rd minute, Nigeria was awarded a throw-in in their half, showcasing their strategic moves in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game.

85′ Temporary Halt due to Injury

Frank Onyeka, a key player for Nigeria, found himself in pain at the 85th minute, leading to a temporary suspension of play. Such moments underscore the physical demands and intensity of high-stakes football competitions.

86′ Angola’s Throw-In, Substitution, and Player’s Return

As the game resumed, Angola was granted a throw-in at the 86th minute, signifying their intent to counteract and regain control.

Frank Onyeka, after a brief spell off the pitch due to injury, made a return at the same minute. Additionally, Milson entered the field, replacing Gelson Dala for Angola.

As the clock ticked into the dying moments of the AFCON 2023 quarter-final clash between Nigeria and Angola, the intensity on the field reached its zenith, with a series of events shaping the narrative.

87′ Tactical Move by Nigeria: Onyeka Off, Aribo On

At the 87th minute, Nigeria’s coach, Jose Peseiro, made a strategic substitution. Frank Onyeka, who had earlier shown signs of discomfort, was replaced by Joe Aribo.

The move suggested a proactive approach by Nigeria, either to manage an existing injury concern or to introduce fresh legs for the final push.

88′ Offside Call and Angola’s Rapid Advance

A moment of frustration for Angola unfolded in the 88th minute, as their rapid advance upfield was halted by Issa Sy, who blew the whistle for offside. Such decisions can be game-changers in the dying minutes of a match.

89′ Zito Luvumbo’s Attempts and Angola’s Free Kick

Zito Luvumbo of Angola showcased his offensive prowess at the 89th minute, smashing in a shot on target. However, the keeper’s save denied Angola the crucial equalizer.

Despite the missed opportunity, Angola was awarded a free kick in their own half at the same minute, underlining their determination to mount a late comeback.

90′ Crucial Moments: Angola’s Throw-In and Free Kick

As the clock struck the 90th minute, Angola was granted a throw-in in Nigeria’s territory. Simultaneously, Issa Sy signaled a free kick to Angola, providing them with a set-piece opportunity to apply pressure on the Nigerian defense.

90+2′ and 90+3′ Injury Concerns for Victor Osimhen

The match took an unexpected turn in injury time as Victor Osimhen of Nigeria faced physical distress. The referee, Issa Sy, stopped the game briefly on two occasions (90+2′ and 90+3′) for attention to the injured player.

Osimhen’s return to his feet at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny was a positive sign, but the brief stoppages added suspense to the final moments.

In the prolonged minutes of extra time at the AFCON 2023 quarter-final between Nigeria and Angola, the intensity heightened, and the unfolding events continued to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

90+4′ Nigeria’s Throw-In and Tactical Adjustments

The 90+4′ minute saw Nigeria awarded a throw-in in their own half. With the game in a critical phase, every decision became crucial. Tactical adjustments were paramount as the teams aimed to secure their place in the semi-finals.

90+5′ Angola’s Throw-In and Substitution for Nigeria

As the clock ticked into the 90+5′ minute, Angola was awarded a throw-in in their half. Simultaneously, Kenneth Omeruo was introduced into the game, replacing Ademola Lookman for Nigeria.

The substitution suggested a strategic move by Nigeria’s coach to reinforce their defense or perhaps introduce a fresh attacking dimension.

90+5′ and 90+7′ Free Kicks for Angola and Nigeria

Angola gained a free kick in their own half at the 90+7′ minute, providing them an opportunity to orchestrate a strategic move. Issa Sy, the referee, signaled a free kick to Nigeria in the same minute, illustrating the seesaw battle for control in the midfield.

90+8′ Angola’s Corner and Nigeria’s Goal Kick

In the closing moments of extra time at the 90+8′ minute, Issa Sy awarded Nigeria a goal kick, indicating a shift in possession.

However, Angola was not to be outdone, as they were subsequently granted a corner. Set-piece opportunities in these late stages held immense significance, potentially altering the course of the match.