Nicki Minaj Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston & Diana Ross, Reflects on Childhood Influences

Nicki Minaj’s Sentimental Ties: Whitney Houston’s Impact on Childhood

Nicki Minaj recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ to share the profound influence Whitney Houston’s music had on her upbringing.

Minaj revealed her deep connection to Houston’s debut album, reminiscing about listening to it as a child with her aunt, fostering one of her most cherished childhood memories.

Family Musical Heritage: Diana Ross and the Supremes

Minaj also acknowledged the influence of Diana Ross in her life, attributing her mother’s love for Diana and the Supremes to the soundtracks of her home. These childhood experiences significantly shaped Minaj’s musical taste and passion for the industry.

Chart Success & Ties to Houston’s Legacy

Minaj’s musical career has seen remarkable success, particularly with her hit “Barbie World,” propelling her to the echelons of Billboard’s history.

Matching Whitney Houston’s Billboard Hot 100 top 10 placements, Minaj stands among the top-ranking women in the chart’s extensive history.

A Tribute to Whitney Houston: Mental Health Advocacy

During her 2022 Video Vanguard acceptance speech, Minaj expressed her longing for Whitney Houston’s presence and advocated for a more serious consideration of mental health. Minaj’s heartfelt wish reflected a deep respect for Houston and underscored the importance of mental health awareness in the industry.

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