Nick Cannon Offers Advice to Rapper with Five Baby Mamas – ‘Rest Up and Get into Therapy ASAP’

Celebratory Joint Baby Shower:

In a unique and unconventional celebration, 22-year-old rapper Zeddy Will threw a joint baby shower for his five expecting partners — Lizzy Ashleigh, Bonnie B, Kay Merie, Jylene Vila, and Iyanla Kalifa Galletti.

The event, held on January 14 in Queens, was shared on TikTok by Lizzy Ashleigh, showcasing the rapper surrounded by the five pregnant women as they celebrated their impending motherhood.

Commitment to Raise Children Together:

Amidst the non-traditional setup, Lizzy Ashleigh revealed on TikTok that the decision had been made for the five women and Zeddy Will to collectively raise their children.

In a light-hearted tone, she referred to the arrangement as becoming “sister wives,” emphasizing the unity and acceptance within their extended family.

Photos shared on social media highlighted the festive atmosphere of the joint celebration.

Nick Cannon’s Laughter and Advice:

Nick Cannon, known for having 12 children with five different women, responded to the news with amusement when Zeddy Will’s manager drew comparisons between the two.

In a brief interaction with TMZ, Cannon laughed off the comparison and offered some lighthearted advice for the expecting rapper.

He suggested Zeddy Will “get some sleep, rest up, and get into therapy ASAP,” adding a touch of humor to the unconventional situation.

Shifting Relationship Dynamics:

Zeddy Will’s co-manager, reflecting on the evolving nature of relationships, highlighted that societal norms are changing, and individuals are increasingly exploring non-traditional dynamics.

Drawing a parallel with Nick Cannon’s successful experience with polyamory, the co-manager emphasized the importance of personal choice in defining relationships.

The acknowledgment of diverse relationship models challenges the conventional approach, encouraging people to break away from societal pressures.

Comments on Modern Relationships:

The story unfolds as a snapshot of evolving relationship dynamics, challenging traditional norms and embracing diverse ways of forming families.

Nick Cannon’s playful response and advice contribute a touch of humor to the narrative, while the co-manager’s commentary reflects a broader societal shift towards recognizing and accepting unconventional relationship choices.

The celebration of a joint baby shower serves as a testament to the unique paths individuals may choose on their journey to parenthood.

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