NHS Crisis Unveiled – ‘Breathtaking’ Drama Exposes Overwhelmed Hospitals During Covid

This delves into the background and activities of Dr. Rachel Clarke, a palliative care specialist and author of a book that inspired the ITV drama “Breathtaking.”

The drama depicts life in an NHS hospital during the initial six months of the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, the article raises questions about Clarke’s political affiliations, past statements, and her role in the portrayal of the NHS.

The Controversy Surrounding “Breathtaking”

The three-part drama “Breathtaking,” starring Joanne Froggatt, has stirred controversy.

While some praise it, critics accuse the show of being political propaganda.

Based on a book by Dr. Rachel Clarke, a vocal Left-wing activist and palliative care specialist, the drama explores the NHS during the early days of the pandemic.

Clarke’s recent media appearances and online statements attacking the Tories have added fuel to the fire.

Clarke’s Political Activism and NHS Critique

Clarke has a history of using her platform to criticize the government, particularly during the recent NHS strikes.

Her attacks on Boris Johnson and the Tory government have intensified, alleging misinformation about the NHS’s capacity during the Covid crisis.

Her outspoken political stance raises questions about the impartiality of the drama she inspired.

Brexit and Second Referendum Campaign

Post-Brexit, Clarke actively participated in the “People’s Vote” campaign, advocating for a second referendum.

She claimed that Brexit led to the closure of one-third of NHS beds due to the departure of European nurses.

However, her petitions for a second referendum gained limited support, and her fervent anti-Brexit stance was met with skepticism.

Medical Background and Hyperbolic Statements

Clarke, from a medical family, allegedly studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Oxford before entering broadcasting.

Despite her medical career, questions arise about which NHS hospital she is currently registered with.

Clarke’s penchant for hyperbole is evident in her statements, such as describing the NHS as “institutionally racist.”

Clash with Bob Moran and Political Leanings

Clarke engaged in a public dispute with cartoonist Bob Moran over Covid policies, leading to Moran’s dismissal.

Her strong advocacy for mask-wearing clashed with Moran’s critique, leading to heated exchanges.

Clarke’s political affiliations become more apparent as she aligns herself with figures like Nicola Sturgeon, Yvette Cooper, and Caroline Lucas, while criticizing Tory politicians.

BBC’s Treatment of Clarke

Despite Clarke’s clear political leanings, the BBC often features her without highlighting her affiliations.

This questions the lack of acknowledgment of her political stance when she appears on BBC programs.


Unveiling the Political Agenda

Dr. Rachel Clarke’s involvement in “Breathtaking” raises concerns about the impartiality of the drama.

Her history of political activism, anti-Tory stance, and statements on various issues prompt scrutiny into the portrayal of NHS events in the ITV series.

This takes a critical stance toward Dr. Rachel Clarke, emphasizing her political activism, past statements, and potential influence on the portrayal of the NHS in the drama “Breathtaking.”

It questions Clarke’s credibility, implying a potential bias in the representation of events in the series.

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