Chief FOIA Officers Council Gears Up for NexGen FOIA Tech Showcase 2.0 in May 2024

The Chief FOIA Officers Council’s Technology Committee, in collaboration with the Office of Government Information Services and the Office of Information Policy, is gearing up for the NexGen FOIA Tech Showcase 2.0, scheduled for May 2024.

This event follows the success of the two-day NexGen FOIA Tech Showcase held in February 2022.

Addressing FOIA Processing Challenges

NexGen 2.0 aims to showcase innovative technology solutions designed for federal agencies grappling with existing FOIA case processing and backlog challenges.

The event will serve as a platform to introduce agencies to various technology capabilities that can enhance future case processing through the utilization of advanced technology.

Exploring Key Topics

The showcase will delve into crucial topics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools designed to assist with FOIA case processing, eDiscovery and electronic record search tools, case processing tools facilitating the collection and review of records for redaction, and the automatic redaction of diverse forms and record types, spanning paper, digital content, videos, and data.

Additionally, emphasis will be placed on improving public FOIA reading rooms/websites and enhancing the overall FOIA customer experience.

Call for Vendor Participation

Vendors are actively encouraged to respond to the impending Request for Information (RFI) if they wish to partake in the event by presenting video demonstrations and engaging in discussions with federal employees regarding their offerings.

The success of the showcase is contingent on the active participation of vendors, providing valuable insights into cutting-edge FOIA technology.

Event Logistics

Depending on the volume of submissions, the NexGen FOIA Tech Showcase 2.0 is slated to take place over one or two days, specifically on May 14-15, 2024.

This timeframe allows for a comprehensive exploration of the showcased technologies and ample opportunity for federal employees to engage with vendors.

Registration details for federal employees interested in attending are expected to be released shortly.

Fostering Innovation in FOIA Processing

The showcase serves as a significant initiative to foster innovation within the realm of FOIA processing, introducing federal agencies to technological advancements that can streamline case processing, alleviate backlogs, and enhance the overall efficiency of FOIA-related operations.

The collaboration between the Chief FOIA Officers Council and relevant government offices underscores the commitment to staying at the forefront of technological solutions in the FOIA domain.

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