NexaSpy: Powerful Android tracking software

…By Khurram Alley for TDPel Media. NexaSpy is a leading Android tracking software with exceptional features and high-performance monitoring capabilities. With NexaSpy, you can effortlessly monitor your employees’ phone usage or keep a vigilant eye on your children, all while ensuring privacy and data security.


Stay informed about your child’s online interactions and intervene promptly to ensure their safety. Enjoy the free registration process and choose from affordable packages tailored to your needs. Prioritize your children’s online safety with NexaSpy, the ultimate Android tracking software.

Select a plan that suits your preferences and monitor your target device effectively with NexaSpy. Choose from the following options:

  1. Weekly Plan: Gain comprehensive spying capabilities for just $9 weekly.
  2. Fortnightly Plan: Extend your coverage and enjoy continuous monitoring for only $15.
  3. Monthly Plan: Get ultimate flexibility and access to all spying tools with the monthly plan priced at $25.

Easy Installation and Compatibility for Android Tracking Software

All you need to acquire the license for NexaSpy to unlock its advanced features. Next, you can easily install the app on the target Android device by ensuring physical access and knowing the device’s password.


Once installed, NexaSpy allows you to effortlessly monitor and control the target Android device, enabling you to ensure the safety of your loved ones or effectively manage employee device usage.

It’s necessary to check your target device’s compatibility first. 

NexaSpy is made to work with various popular smartphone makers, including Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and more, and is compatible with Android smartphones running OS 4 to 11. NexaSpy collaborates with practically all well-known Android operating system smartphone manufacturers.

Right now NexaSpy is not compatible with Symbian Belle and Bada devices.

And it does not currently support any iOS devices. While there is a possibility that this restriction may be lifted in future versions, allowing compatibility with iOS devices, as of now, NexaSpy is specifically designed for Android devices.


When using NexaSpy, there are certain limitations based on the Android version. For Android 9, you will be prompted to grant access permission during installation. In the case of Android 10 and 11, there may be restrictions on screen recording and capturing screenshots due to operating system limitations.

Additionally, granting permission for mobile features is necessary, which makes NexaSpy visible to the target person rather than operating in stealth mode.

Possible reasons for NexaSpy app functionality failure include device incompatibility, installation challenges, connectivity issues, payment and subscription problems, and device changes such as factory resets or OS updates.

It is important to ensure compatibility, obtain necessary permissions, and follow setup guidelines accurately to avoid failure. Maintaining a stable internet connection and contacting NexaSpy’s support center for assistance is recommended. 

Additionally, users should be cautious of pre-installed antivirus software that may conflict with NexaSpy and consider implementing two-factor authentication for enhanced privacy and security.



NexaSpy provides an impressive array of features to fulfill your monitoring needs. Here’s a glimpse of its remarkable capabilities:

  1. Social Media Monitoring: Monitor activity on popular platforms such as Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Viber.
  2. App Control: Take control by blocking specific applications on the target device.
  3. YouTube Tracking: Keep tabs on YouTube usage and gain detailed insights.
  4. Geofencing and Alerts: Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the target device enters or exits specified locations.
  5. Screen Capture and Recording: Capture and record the target device’s screen for evidence or monitoring purposes.
  6. Gmail Monitoring: This is the most important feature as it helps to monitor employee email activity in case of disclosing sensitive information to competitors.
  7. Remote Locking: Enhance security by remotely locking the target device’s screen.
  8. Keyword Alerts: Set alerts for specific keywords and get notified when they are used on the target device.
  9. Call Blocking: Block unwanted calls on the target device.
  10. Browsing History Tracking: Track browsing history and view visited websites.
  11. Ambient Recording: Capture surrounding sounds and conversations discreetly.
  12. Camera Capture: Capture photos using the target device’s camera.
  13. Remote Commands: Send remote commands to control various functions on the target device.
  14.  License Transfer: Easily transfer the NexaSpy license to a new device if needed.
  15. App Usage Monitoring: Monitor the target device’s app usage and activity.
  16. Messages and Calls Tracking: monitor all details regarding incoming and outgoing calls and chats. 
  17. Location tracking: you can track the targeted device by WiFi logs, GPS location, and geo-fencing 
  18. Calendar Events: View and monitor events on the target device’s calendar.
  19.  WiFi Monitoring: Keep track of WiFi connections and history.
  20. Media and Data Access: Access and retrieve photos, videos, contacts, and voice recordings.
  21. Stealth Mode: Choose between a visible or hidden mode for the app icon on the target device.
  22. Cost-free updates: Get up-to-date with the most recent features and enhancements without paying extra.
  23. Convenient Subscription Renewal: You can effortlessly renew your subscription at any moment with the help of a committed customer service team.
  24. Stealth Operation: Operate in stealth mode to discreetly monitor the target device.
  25. Battery Status: Monitor the battery status of the target device.


NexaSpy is a powerful Android tracking software that offers comprehensive monitoring features. It allows you to monitor almost all social media platforms and control and block applications. You can track YouTube usage, set virtual boundaries, and capture screen recordings. Monitoring  Gmail activity, locking the device remotely, and setting keyword alerts. You can block unwanted calls sms. Tracking the browsing history, capturing ambient sounds, taking photos remotely, sending remote commands, transferring licenses, and monitoring app usage and messages. 

You can even track calendar events, monitor WiFi connections, access media and data, operate in stealth mode, and monitor battery status. NexaSpy provides easy installation, compatibility with various Android devices, and reliable customer support. Ensure the safety of your loved ones or effectively manage employee device usage with NexaSpy.

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