New York Rabbi Arrested in Israel for ‘Rape by Deception’ Involving Online Dating Scam

New York Rabbi Arrested in Israel for ‘Rape by Deception’ Involving Online Dating Scam

A married rabbi hailing from New York City has found himself in legal trouble in Israel after being arrested on charges of ‘rape by deception.’

The accusations stem from his duplicitous double life as a secular dater on popular dating apps.

Rabbi Yosef Mordechai Paryzer, 35, stands accused of employing false identities to engage women in intimate relationships, some of which lasted for over seven years.

Deceptive Online Profiles and Allegations

Rabbi Paryzer allegedly adopted aliases such as ‘Jake Segal’ to create deceptive online dating profiles on platforms like Tinder and Bumble.

Shockingly, he maintained multiple relationships with women simultaneously while concealing his true identity as a married man and father of two.

Two women who claimed to have been deceived filed criminal complaints of ‘rape by deception’ with Israeli authorities, ultimately leading to Paryzer’s arrest.

Subsequent investigations revealed that 18 additional women have been interviewed, and a dozen more have come forward since his apprehension.

A Rabbi’s Hidden Life

Originally from Brooklyn, Rabbi Paryzer relocated to Israel approximately a decade ago, where he worked as a teacher at a Jewish school until his dismissal due to the allegations.

He portrayed himself as a single individual living with roommates while employed by a non-profit organization as a guide dog trainer for the visually impaired.

The allegations against him assert that he falsely led unsuspecting women to engage in consensual relations under these fabricated pretenses.

Legal Definition of ‘Rape by Deception’

The accusers, who have taken to social media to voice their grievances, contend that ‘consensual sex performed under false pretenses, i.e., false identity of the perpetrator, is a criminal offense that is legally defined as rape.’

Their assertion reflects the gravity of the allegations and the belief that deception on such a scale should be legally recognized as sexual assault.

Red Flags and Revelations

One woman who encountered Rabbi Paryzer on Tinder initially perceived him as ‘very normal’ and even discussed a future together after a few months of dating.

However, as their relationship progressed, she noticed concerning signs, such as never being invited to his apartment and his reluctance to spend weekends together, citing the need to observe the Jewish Sabbath.

Suspicion grew when, following a disagreement, she visited the building where she believed he lived and discovered that he did not reside there.

Collective Discovery and Confrontation

She recalled the names of two women he had mentioned and followed on Instagram.

Upon contacting them, she learned they were either currently involved with or had recently parted ways with the rabbi through his false identities.

These women initiated a collaborative effort to uncover the extent of his deception.

They eventually confronted Rabbi Paryzer in person, demanding the truth.

Initially, he confessed to dating all of them but only later revealed his status as a rabbi and a married father of two, one of whom had recently been born.

Seeking Justice and Legal Defense

One of the affected women expressed her determination to seek justice and prevent further harm to others by holding the rabbi accountable.

In response, Rabbi Paryzer’s lawyer argued that while his actions may have been immoral, they should not be considered criminal.

The attorney asserted that the realm of social media, including dating apps, is fraught with falsehoods, implying that the women’s lack of skepticism invalidated their claims.

This case, marked by its complexity and the grave allegations of deceit and betrayal, has triggered a broader conversation about the boundaries of consent, the legal definition of sexual assault, and the responsibilities of individuals engaging in online relationships.

The legal proceedings that follow will likely offer insights into how such cases are handled in the digital age.

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