NECO Introduces ‘E-Verify’ Portal to Combat Result Manipulation and Improve Verification Process

NECO Introduces ‘E-Verify’ Portal to Combat Result Manipulation and Improve Verification Process

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. The National Examination Council (NECO) has introduced the ‘e-Verify’ portal as a solution to facilitate the verification of results and combat the manipulation and falsification of academic credentials.


The Registrar/Chief Executive of NECO, Prof. Dantani Wushishi, made this announcement in Abuja, confirming the launch of the online platform.

Instant Result Authentication:

The ‘NECO e-Verify’ portal is an online result verification solution designed to provide immediate authentication of academic and basic information for prospective candidates seeking admission to academic institutions and employment in workplaces.

Previously, all requests for verification or confirmation of results were processed through the NECO headquarters in Minna, causing delays in the process.


Growing Demand for Verification:

Recognizing the increasing need for result verification from both domestic and international institutions, NECO decided that now is the opportune time to introduce the e-Verify platform.

From 2020 to 2022, the council received requests for verification and confirmation of results from 64 institutions across 37 countries.

Additionally, 72 institutions within Nigeria also made similar requests during the same period, not to mention numerous requests from individuals.

Importance of Result Verification:

Result verification plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of academic credentials.

Academic institutions, employers, and other agencies rely on this process to select the most qualified candidates for admission and employment.


By verifying the authenticity of candidates’ results, academic institutions and employers gain confidence in their decision-making process, knowing that they are admitting and hiring individuals with the necessary qualifications for further studies or specific job requirements.

Benefits of the ‘NECO e-Verify Portal’:

The introduction of the ‘NECO e-Verify Portal’ offers several benefits, including increased confidence, reduced risk, and improved efficiency.

Academic institutions, employers, and other stakeholders will experience a significant relief through this system.

Students will benefit from a streamlined verification process, while educational institutions and employers will have greater trust in the qualifications of their applicants.


NECO’s launch of the ‘e-Verify’ portal marks a significant step in enhancing the verification of academic results.


By providing an online platform for instant result authentication, NECO aims to eliminate delays and ensure the accuracy of academic credentials.

This development will benefit students, educational institutions, employers, and other stakeholders involved in the admission and employment processes, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and reliable system.

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