National Convention: APC Chairmanship aspirant commends party’s earlier decisions

National Convention: APC Chairmanship aspirant commends party’s earlier decisions

A National Chairmanship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr Sunny Moniedafe, has commended the Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee for reversing earlier decisions.

According to Mr Monidafe, one of such decisions is the initial plan to hold Zonal Congresses on March 26, which was later reversed in the new timetable the party released.

The new timetable contains Zonal Congresses on March 12, while the National Convention will hold on March 26.

In an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Abuja, Mr Moniedafe, who is also the Jagaban of Jimeta in Adamawa state, urged the party’s leadership henceforth to consult all stakeholders regarding preparations for the National Convention.

He, however, expressed displeasure at the postponement of the convention from February 26 to March 26.

“What we have today could have been avoided if we had people that are focused.

But I have taken it in my stride, and I know it is a God-driven project.

I rebranded my campaign; I call it an idea whose time has come.

These delays can only delay it, but my Bible tells me that delay is not denial.

“I thank God that they could accept their mistakes and retrace their steps.

For example, changing the Convention date from February 26 to tell us Zonal congresses was to take part on March 26 and then to revert themselves shows they can accept they made a mistake, reverse and correct it, so we make progress,” he said.

It is worthy of note that the Zonal Congresses are not part of the APC Constitution.

Reacting to holding the Zonal Congresses, Mr Moniedafe believes the Zonal Congresses may set the stage for a peaceful convention.

“I want to believe that they are trying to do this to minimise some friction.

Now, if they are at the Zonal offices, they don’t need to gather as a group.

They can say we want to do it like this; the stakeholders in this zone will agree on ABCD to reduce the tension.

If we walk into Eagle Square on March 26 to have full-fledged voting, there will be trouble because people are already angry and upset, and it will take a miracle not to have an implosion.

So we can sort the lesser of two evils if we are OK with it.

The good thing is that if the party members don’t complain, it’s a done deal,” Moniedafe said.

He, however, stressed the need for proper modalities to be put in place for the Zonal Congresses.

While stating his support for consensus in selecting the National Chairman, Mr Moniedafe stressed the need for the party’s leadership to handle the process with transparency.

E/Suzan O.

National Convention: APC Chairmanship aspirant commends party’s earlier decisions