Nadine Dorries Resigns from Commons Seat with Scathing Critique of Rishi Sunak


In a significant political development, Nadine Dorries, a long-standing Member of Parliament and ally of Boris Johnson, has resigned from her Mid-Bedfordshire Commons seat.

Her departure comes with a pointed attack on Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, accusing him of jeopardizing her personal safety by fueling a ‘public frenzy’ against her.

The resignation triggers a by-election that could test the Conservative Party’s standing this autumn.

Allegations and Accusations

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Dorries accuses Rishi Sunak of undermining Tory principles and acting irresponsibly.

She asserts that he put her personal security at risk through his actions, a claim that she further supports by revealing that the police had recently warned her about a potential threat.


Dorries had informed Cabinet Secretary Simon Case about her intention to resign in July 2022, yet she had faced pressure from colleagues to avoid inflicting further damage on the party, which already struggles in the polls.

Delayed Resignation and Controversial Claims

Dorries had initially announced her resignation on June 9 but delayed her departure.

During this period, she investigated whether Sunak had intervened to prevent her nomination to the House of Lords.

She refers to a classified document that she’s unable to share, which supposedly sheds light on this matter.

Her resignation triggers a by-election in her constituency, where Labour aims to overturn the significant majority held by the Tories.


Recent polling indicates a significant decline in support for the Conservative Party since the last General Election.

Unveiling Corruption and Political Shifts

Dorries attributes her resignation to her research for a book about the ‘political assassination’ of Boris Johnson.

She believes that a ‘corruption at the heart of our party’ involves powerful figures, including Sunak.

She emphasizes the importance of working-class Conservatives within the party, criticizing Sunak’s tenure as unelected Prime Minister and his departure from key party principles.

Dorries argues that Sunak’s actions have led to the abandonment of vital policy initiatives, alienating potential voters.


A Shift in Party Dynamics

Dorries’ claims of abandonment and betrayal by Sunak are echoed by many on the right-wing of the party.

She alleges that Sunak’s choices have led to a departure from core Tory values, particularly in terms of taxation and the utilization of Brexit opportunities.

She criticizes the lack of regulatory reform in the tech sector and asserts that Sunak has ignored important issues.

By-Election and Future Prospects

Despite her resignation, Dorries believes that the Conservative candidate, Festus Akinbusoye, will retain her former seat.

She emphasizes Akinbusoye’s attributes and encourages support for him.


Dorries concludes her scathing letter to Sunak with a reminder of her working-class roots and warns him that his actions have deviated from fundamental Conservatism.

She predicts that history will judge him unfavorably for forsaking key principles.

In this politically charged scenario, Dorries’ resignation and her accusations against Sunak highlight the internal struggles within the Conservative Party and the potential ramifications for its standing in the upcoming by-election.

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