Nigerian Woman Unveils Husband’s Shocking Deception on Genotype, Family Conspiracy to Hide Truth Exposed

Anonymous Nigerian Woman Opens Up About Husband’s Genotype Deception in Candid Interview

In a candid interview with Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo on her YouTube show ‘Talk with B,’ a Nigerian woman, choosing to remain anonymous, has revealed a heart-wrenching story of betrayal involving her husband’s conspiracy with a laboratory in Ikeja, Lagos State, to falsify his genotype.

Son’s Health Issues Prompt Genotype Test: Discovery Unveils Husband’s Lie

The anonymous woman shared that concerns about her son’s health led them to undergo a genotype test, uncovering a shocking revelation.

The test disclosed that her son had sickle cell anemia (genotype SS), and it further exposed that her husband had deliberately lied about his genotype.

According to the woman, her husband’s family was also aware of his true genotype but chose to conceal this information.

Deception in Genotype Testing: Husband Forged AA Result with Lab

During the interview, the woman recounted the deception in their genotype testing. Initially obtaining an AA result in both the first and second labs, they felt assured.

However, suspicions arose, leading her to consult a doctor at LASUTH, who recommended a repeat test.

The subsequent test at a lab in Ikeja revealed the truth – her husband’s genotype was not AA as claimed; he was a sickle cell carrier.

Sickle Cell Revelation Marks the Beginning of a Challenging Journey

Upon discovering her son’s sickle cell condition and her husband’s deceit, the woman shared the emotional and challenging journey she embarked on to prioritize her son’s well-being.

She emphasized the importance of honesty in relationships and expressed the difficulties she faced as a mother caring for a child with sickle cell anemia.

Determined Mother’s Sacrifices: A Promise to Ensure Her Son’s Survival

Devoted to her son’s well-being, the woman highlighted the immense challenges faced when caring for someone with sickle cell anemia.

She detailed the hardships of numerous injections, drips, and sleepless nights during her son’s health struggles.

Despite the betrayal and challenges, the mother vowed to work hard to ensure her son’s survival, underscoring the deep commitment and sacrifices involved in caring for a child with a chronic illness.