Diego Maradona’s Offspring Claims Injustice, Affirms Belief in Father’s Unnatural Death

Demand for Justice and Open Investigation

In a recent statement, Maradona Junior expressed his unwavering belief that there is an ongoing open investigation into the circumstances surrounding his father’s demise.

He places immense trust in the Argentine justice system and stresses that he is convinced the situation should not have concluded as it did.

Allegations of Murder and Personal Commitment

Making striking allegations, Maradona Junior boldly claims that someone is responsible for his father’s death.

While refraining from naming the individual, he firmly asserts, “They killed my father.” Despite having his own suspicions, he refrains from disclosing them but vows to continue the fight for justice until his last day.

Pursuit of Truth and Family’s Faith in Justice System

In the face of the ongoing investigation, Maradona Junior remains resolute, pledging a lifelong commitment to uncovering the truth.

He emphasizes that he and his siblings have faith in the Argentine justice system and believe that justice should prevail in the case of Diego Maradona’s controversial passing.

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