Netflix’s Influence – Scarlet Blake’s Transition and the Chilling Tale of Jorge Carreno

Netflix’s Influence – Scarlet Blake’s Transition and the Chilling Tale of Jorge Carreno

The trial of Scarlet Blake, accused of murdering Jorge Carreno in a chilling case that unfolded after a background of disturbing online activities, took a dramatic turn as Blake gave evidence in her defense.

The proceedings at Oxford Crown Court shed light on Blake’s troubled past and the alleged connection between her actions and her struggles with identity and acceptance.

Identity Struggles and Family Discord

Scarlet Blake revealed to the jury that she recognized her transgender identity at the age of 12 but faced significant discord with her parents upon sharing this revelation.

The emotional fallout led to a strained relationship, leaving Blake feeling forsaken and highlighting the challenges individuals in the transgender community may face in gaining acceptance.

Transition Journey and Emotional Impact

Blake detailed her transition journey, explaining that at 17, she began medical treatment to transition from male to female, including taking testosterone blockers.

She attributed the emotional rift with her parents to her gender identity.

Blake’s vulnerability was palpable as she described the impact of the transition, noting the loss of muscle definition and stating that she now had the strength of an unfit female.

Online Persona and Troubling Associations

The court learned about Blake’s disturbing online activities, including a connection with Ashlynn Bell, her former partner, under the aliases ‘Blood Moth’ and ‘Murder Mutt.’

Their interactions centered around forums interested in ‘gore,’ indicating a concerning fascination with violence.

The revelation of Blake’s self-harm and the association with an online culture focused on morbidity raises questions about the influence of such communities on individuals.

Criminal Acts and Psychological Distress

Blake’s defense involved discussions around a previous incident where she dissected and blended a neighbor’s cat.

She claimed this gruesome act was carried out to please Bell, who allegedly pushed her to engage in sadistic behavior.

The court heard about Blake’s dissociative identity disorder, adding complexity to her psychological state.

The defense argued that Blake’s actions were influenced by the demands of her online relationship.

Fantasy, Dissociation, and Sexual Dynamics

Blake delved into the realm of fantasy, describing online discussions with Bell about choking and death as ‘role play’ for sexual gratification.

She attributed her actions to emotional distancing and dissociation.

The court heard about Blake’s low sex drive due to medication and her complex feelings about romantic relationships, painting a picture of a troubled individual grappling with various aspects of her identity and desires.

Legal Standpoint and Denial of Charges

Scarlet Blake maintained her innocence, denying the murder charge.

The trial continues to navigate the intricate web of Blake’s psychological state, the influence of online interactions, and the underlying factors contributing to the tragic events.

Legal proceedings will likely focus on establishing a clear connection between Blake’s mental state, her past actions, and the specific charges against her.


The trial of Scarlet Blake unfolds as a deeply intricate case, intertwining issues of gender identity, online subcultures, mental health, and criminal behavior.

The courtroom revelations provide a glimpse into the complexities of Blake’s life and the events leading to the alleged murder.

As the trial continues, a clearer understanding of the factors at play will be crucial in determining legal outcomes and potential ramifications for broader societal discussions around mental health and identity acceptance.

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