Heartbreaking Messages from Children as Father is Murdered by Hamas Terrorist

Heartbreaking Messages from Children as Father is Murdered by Hamas Terrorist

A Mother’s Heartbreaking Revelation

A mother has shared the heartbreaking messages she received from her children just moments after their father was brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Reut Karp took to Facebook to reveal the final messages sent by her husband, Dvir, before he tragically lost his life in one of the surprise attacks launched by the terrorist group in Israel.

Desperate Messages Before the Tragedy

In the exchanged messages, 46-year-old Dvir expresses the chaos around him, saying, “There’s a big mess here,” and adds, “There is a heavy shooting in the kibbutz.”

Concerned for her husband and children who were with him, Reut responds by asking, “Shooting? Inside the kibbutz?” Dvir confirms, saying, “Yes.

That’s how it sounds.” Reut reassures her children, mentioning that one of them is in a safe place while another is comforting their sibling.

A Heart-Wrenching Turn of Events

However, tragedy strikes as Reut’s daughter sends a devastating message, revealing, “Mom, it’s Daria… Dad has been murdered.

Stav too. Help.” Sharing the heartbreaking correspondence on social media, Reut pays tribute to her husband, writing, “My last messages with my husband, the father of my children, Dvir Karp. Dvir Karp RIP 1977 – 2023 Rest in peace.”

Hamas Launches Surprise Assault

Hamas initiated a surprise assault on Israel, resulting in the loss of more than 700 Israeli lives and injuries to over 1,200 individuals. Additionally, more than 100 Israelis are reported to be held captive as a result of these attacks.

The Tragic Events Unfold

Reut subsequently details the harrowing events that led up to the tragic messages. She recounts how, at 8:20 a.m., terrorists entered Dvir’s home, where he attempted to protect their two children with an axe.

Despite his efforts, he and his partner, Stav, were both tragically murdered in front of their children. The terrorists later comforted Daria and Lavi, covering them with a blanket and leaving a message on the wall, claiming that they wouldn’t harm children.

A Mother’s Agonizing Wait

For three agonizing hours, Reut remained on the phone with Daria, doing her best to console her and keep her safe.

Eventually, an armed civilian located and rescued the children through a window, avoiding the grim scene inside the house.

However, they remained trapped within the kibbutz as of the following Sunday.

Terrifying Events at the Supernova Festival

The article also touches upon the horrifying events at the Supernova Festival, where terrified Israeli festivalgoers were forced to hide in the undergrowth to evade bullets from Hamas gunmen.

The festival, near Kibbutz Re’im and close to the Gaza Strip, witnessed a massacre in which approximately 260 civilians lost their lives.

Survivors recorded chilling moments of terror, seeking refuge for more than five hours before being rescued by armed individuals.

The Aftermath and Ongoing Conflict

The aftermath of these attacks has seen an overwhelming loss of life, with more than 700 Israelis killed and 1,200 wounded.

Israel has responded with retaliatory strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, resulting in a tragic toll on both sides of the conflict.

Desperate Searches for Loved Ones

Amidst the chaos, individuals like Mark Peretz and Maya, who attempted to rescue his daughter from the festival, have gone missing.

Families and friends are tirelessly searching for their loved ones, and the situation remains dire as the conflict rages on.

Heart-Wrenching Kidnappings and Unanswered Questions

The article also highlights the distressing kidnapping of Noa Argamani and her boyfriend Avi Nathan. Heartbreaking footage of her abduction emerged, leaving her family in anguish.

Noa’s fate, along with others who have gone missing, remains uncertain, and loved ones are desperate for answers.

Ongoing Conflict and Toll

The ongoing conflict continues to take a toll on both Israeli and Palestinian lives, with a devastating impact on civilians caught in the crossfire.

The situation remains complex and fraught with tragedy.

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