Mr Universe Australia slashed a man’s tyres in Melbourne

Mr Universe Australia slashed a man’s tyres in Melbourne

A court has heard that an Australian bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe slashed the tires of a stranger he had just rear-ended in his automobile because he was “scared” for his own safety.

Calum von Moger, 31, who seemed to be a shell of his former self, entered a guilty plea to many offences related to the frightening assault on his unknowing victim on Monday in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Moger, an actor who previously portrayed Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie, was still as huge as a house in January when he allegedly committed the crime against his victim. Moger is a three-time World Fitness Federation “Mr. Universe” champion.

Von Moger’s army of followers were stunned when he fell from a two-story structure in May.

A few weeks later, when he appeared in court with a sling on his arm, it was made clear that he had confessed to abusing steroids to the point that he was no longer able to naturally make testosterone.

He then entered a plea of guilty to having many substances, including two grams of methamphetamine, two grams of cannabis, and testosterone.

The event that resulted in the star’s spine, face, and neck injuries occurred when he was experiencing extreme depression.

Bernard Campigli, Von Moger’s attorney, offered a similar account of his client’s difficulties on Monday.

According to testimony given in court, von Moger crashed his Ford Ranger into the rear of his victim’s Kluger on Millers Road in Altona North, west of Melbourne, at about 9.30 p.m.

The hulking von Moger took out a knife and slashed the man’s tyre before running away when his astonished victim got into a verbal altercation with him.

A tomahawk, an axe handle, knuckle-dusters, and a hunting knife were among the vile items that the police discovered when they finally caught up with him.

They also discovered a suspicious license plate that was stained with blood.

Von Moger allegedly had anxiety when driving as a result of being engaged in armed “car jackings” while residing in the United States, according to Mr. Campigli.

The victim rightfully approached Mr. von Moger outside. But Mr. von Moger was pretty frightened at the moment,” he said.

Mr. von Moger “stabbed the tire and fled the scene because he was extremely afraid of what the (victim) may do.”

The court was informed that von Moger also had another accident in November.

Although no firearms were used in the incident, the court heard that von Moger fled after hitting a vehicle with his Harley Davidson motorcycle in fashionable South Yarra.

He was only apprehended because his victim pursued him and got a picture of him, which he posted on social media in the hopes that someone would recognize him.

Just a few days after making an appearance in court on May 26, the former muscle builder turned himself in to police about the event.

Supported by his mother Ingrid, Mr. Campigli said in court that his client was still recovering following a horrific time that also included the death of his therapy dog.

In order to allow von Moger to continue traveling to and from the United States, where he intends to work, Mr. Campigli pleaded with the court not to condemn him.

Von Moger admitted to destroying property, possessing illegal weapons, and reckless driving offenses while the assault accusation was withdrawn.

In order to give von Moger’s victims an opportunity to address the court with impact statements, the case was postponed until next month.

The tragedy of von Moger’s attempt to succeed in the bodybuilding industry was exposed at his last hearing.

He was apprehended by police with a contraband stockpile that included Viagra, three containers of cannabis oil, needles, another bag of white crystal powder, and three containers of testosterone.

Von Moger said during his interrogation that the meth may have belonged to one of his friends.

“I freaked out when I discovered the bargain bag in the back since I never use it.” I placed it in my wallet because I knew it belonged to someone and planned to either return it or toss it away,’ he claimed.

“The cross-body bag is not mine. They were doing drugs while I was driving them around all weekend. Even though it is not mine, I am aware that I had it.

However, he acknowledged using testosterone for the previous ten years.

Von Moger told police, “I no longer produce it naturally and need to have it to be normal.”

“I utilize the testosterone once a week to maintain my levels.” I use cannabis oil to relax and fall asleep.

Von Moger said that while he was “competing,” he also took Viagra, a prescription medication primarily designed to enhance sexual function.

Von Moger spent a night in jail after being arrested, which the court was told served as a “sobering experience.”

But von Moger’s mental state deteriorated further as word of his problems spread among bodybuilders.

A lot of vitriol was expressed online. There are other YouTube videos on Mr. von Moger’s name that remark on his alleged deterioration, which is highly stressful for him and that didn’t assist his drug usage, according to a statement made at the time by Mr. Campigli.

For such offenses, Von Moger was mandated to pay $500 to the court fund.

Come November, he may not have the same good fortune.

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»Mr Universe Australia slashed a man’s tyres in Melbourne«

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