Nigerian Singer Mr Eazi Pursues Legal Action Over Unfulfilled $5,000 Music Production Deal

Mr Eazi Threatens Legal Action Over Alleged $5,000 Scam by Producer

Renowned Nigerian singer Mr Eazi has issued a stern warning of a $100,000 lawsuit against a music producer who is accused of duping him out of $5,000. The singer took to his Twitter page to reveal the incident, shedding light on the alleged deception.

The Payment and Broken Promise

In a social media post, Mr Eazi disclosed that he had paid $5,000 to a music producer for the creation of a song intended for his album.

However, the producer failed to deliver the essential music components, known as stems, which are vital for the completion of the track.

Mr Eazi’s Take on the Situation

While addressing the situation, Mr Eazi demonstrated a sense of humor by expressing his hope that the $5,000 he paid might have positively impacted the producer’s life.

Nevertheless, he made it clear that he is not willing to let the matter slide. The singer warned that if he decides to take legal action, he is prepared to spend $100,000 to pursue a lawsuit against the producer.

In his own words, Mr Eazi stated, “There is a producer I paid $5,000 to produce a song that was meant to be on my album, and he never sent the stems lol. I hope that 5k changed his life #TheEvilGenius ???? but the day I get bored, I will spend 100k to sue your ass.”

The singer’s declaration of possible legal action reflects his commitment to addressing the alleged deception and ensuring that justice is served in this matter.

The future course of action remains to be seen, but Mr Eazi’s warning sets a firm stance against fraudulent practices within the music industry.