Mother’s Struggle with Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Surgery-induced Inability to Sweat and Prince Andrew’s Controversial Remark

Mother’s Struggle with Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Surgery-induced Inability to Sweat and Prince Andrew’s Controversial Remark

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Amy O’Connell, a 38-year-old mother, underwent surgery to treat hidradenitis suppurativa, a painful skin condition characterized by the formation of lumps.


In her surgery, she had her lymph nodes, hair follicles, and sweat glands removed, resulting in her inability to sweat from the neck down.

Consequently, Amy experiences extreme discomfort in hot weather and is even prone to fainting.

Prince Andrew’s Infamous Claim

Amy expressed her anger towards Prince Andrew’s audacious claim during a BBC interview that he cannot physically sweat when confronted with sexual assault allegations.

For Amy, the prince’s assertion was infuriating, as sweating is vital for the body’s thermoregulation, likening it to saying, “My body forgot how to breathe.”

Coping with Sweating Issues and Blackouts

Amy elaborated on the challenges she faces due to her inability to sweat.

Sweating is such a critical bodily function that she cannot be outdoors during hot weather, as her body fails to function properly, leading to blackouts.


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She emphasized that dealing with this condition is a lifelong journey, requiring constant adaptation and finding new coping mechanisms.

Amy recounted instances when she blacked out in public, and as a family, they have had to discover ways to manage the situation, with her daughter taking on the role of a young carer.

Early Symptoms and Failed Treatments

Amy’s battle with hidradenitis suppurativa began during her teenage years, but she was not diagnosed until 2009.

She received a prescription for the acne medication Roaccutane, a strong drug meant to alleviate the problem areas, but it proved ineffective.

Surgical Intervention and Physical and Mental Effects

After the birth of her son in 2012, Amy experienced a severe flare-up of her condition.

A dermatologist suggested removing the source of the problem, leading to a series of painful surgeries.

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In 2013, she underwent surgery on her left armpit, followed by similar procedures under her breasts in 2014 and on her right arm in 2017.

The surgical interventions resulted in her inability to sweat.


Amy acknowledges that she is still adjusting to her new life, as her body reacts quickly to changes in temperature.

The Emotional Toll and Stigmatization

Amy highlights the impact hidradenitis suppurativa has had on her mental health, as the condition manifests in areas associated with high levels of movement, such as the breasts, groin, and armpits.

She notes the reluctance of people to discuss the condition, even though it is not uncommon.

Amy’s children had difficulty looking at her after her surgeries due to the graphic scarring, and she compares her appearance to that of a character from the “Saw” movie series.

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The physical pain and emotional challenges make managing the condition a complex and demanding endeavor.


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