Mother Grieves ‘Unrecognisable’ Son’s Death at Hands of Teenage Speeder: Tragic Crash Claims Lives in Swansea

Carla King, a grieving mother, recounts the harrowing experience of identifying her son, Ben Rogers, in the morgue after a fatal collision caused by teenage driver Owain Hammett-George in Swansea.

Ben, just 19 years old, lost his life when Hammett-George, then 17, recklessly drove at speeds of up to 78mph in a 30mph zone in Bishoptown, Swansea.

The tragic incident, which occurred on May 31, 2022, also claimed the life of 19-year-old Kaitlyn Davies and left another passenger, Casey Thomas, then 17, critically injured.

Anguish and Support Amidst Tragedy

Ms. King describes the indescribable pain of receiving the news from police officers in the early hours of the morning and facing the grim reality of identifying her son’s body at the morgue.

Struggling with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, she reflects on the profound impact Ben had on people’s lives, leading to the installation of a memorial bench in his honor at a local beach where he enjoyed spending time with friends.

Legal Proceedings and Accountability

During court proceedings, Judge Geraint Walters denounced Hammett-George’s reckless behavior and criticized his parents for their role in enabling it.

Hammett-George, now 19, received a six-year jail sentence for causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

His father, Dewi George, faced separate charges for perverting the course of justice after falsely claiming responsibility for a speeding offense committed by his son.

Witness Accounts and Investigation Details

Eyewitnesses described the catastrophic scene of the collision, highlighting the extent of the damage caused by the high-speed crash.

Investigations revealed discrepancies in Hammett-George’s account of the events leading to the collision, with evidence suggesting speeds far exceeding the legal limit.

Messages retrieved from his mobile phone indicated prior warnings about his reckless driving behavior and the potential consequences.

Families’ Pain and Loss

The families of the victims expressed profound grief and loss in court, sharing memories of their loved ones and the enduring impact of their tragic deaths.

Ben Rogers’ father, Lee James Rogers, and Kaitlyn Davies’ mother, Kimberly Davies, described the unbearable pain of losing their children and the void left in their lives.

Casey Thomas, surviving the crash with serious injuries, expressed determination to overcome the trauma and not let the incident define her future.

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